How to complete an action such as cropping

I just started using RAWTherapee today. I can’t figure out how to complete an action, such as cropping. For example, I can see the crop marks indicated in the GUI, but there’s no ‘finish’ button. Hitting return seems to do nothing. Hitting SHIFT + Return does nothing.

And so on.

Is there some shortcut key or other method in RAWTherapee for ‘do what I’m asking you to do’? Thank you.

The crop marks show you, how the result will be after saving/exporting. This is by purpose, since the source RAW-files are not changed, to prevent data losses.

for more information, pls read here:

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Thank you @marter! That makes perfect sense—preventing the crop from altering the original file. I appreciate the help. And thank you for the nice welcome to the forum. - Joel

See also this recent thread:

I encourage you to give the forum’s search functionality a go. You can search by keyword and category, which is a useful combination.