How to create camera noise profiles for darktable

That’s great Peter, thank you!


Upload the file as an issue here to get support Issues · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

Ok I have solved with a json editor, seems to work fine, the denoise module finds the new profiles.
Should I do anything to ensure other users can use the same profiles in the future? I’d like to contribute :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your support

Yes, create a title like Noise profile Nikon P950 and upload the noise profile file there Issues · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

I was looking for noise profiles for Canon EOS R6 and found the website for the NeatImage application:

These are flagged as available to use freely, although no specific license is mentioned. Are these useful to darktable, or is it a different format entirely?

Different format entirely.

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I already contributed some years ago denoise profiles for my Olympus E-M10, they are in noiseprofiles.json (starting line 4384). At that time I followed the howto given from Johannes Hannika. As I’m not satisfied with the quality of the results I want to redo these profile to achieve better results, but cannot get the denoise-software working.

Some preliminary notes: My system ist XUbuntu 20.04.3 LTS, darktable-repo is focal main, denoise-tool is not in usr/share/darktable/tools.

I downloaded the deb-package from Install package graphics:darktable / darktable (see Step 1) and tried to install:

root@Rogg26-2:/usr/share/darktable/tools# ls darktable_3.6.1-1.1_amd64.deb
root@Rogg26-2:/usr/share/darktable/tools# sudo apt install darktable_3.6.1-1.1_amd64.deb
Paketlisten werden gelesen… Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut.
Statusinformationen werden eingelesen… Fertig
E: Paket darktable_3.6.1-1.1_amd64.deb kann nicht gefunden werden.
root@Rogg26-2:/usr/share/darktable/tools# cd …
root@Rogg26-2:/usr/share/darktable# sudo apt install /tools/darktable_3.6.1-1.1_amd64.deb
Paketlisten werden gelesen… Fertig
E: Nicht unterstützte Datei /tools/darktable_3.6.1-1.1_amd64.deb auf Befehlszeile angegeben

First error (E:) means: File darktable_3.6.1.1_amd64.deb cannot be found
Second error means: File is not supported

Does somebody has an idea how to get it working?

The noise tools are available in the source code repo, clone it from github.

I’m getting a similar issue to what @randomphotoguy described - trying to create profiles for a Samsung NX1000. So far as I can tell, with white balance switched off the raw highlight clipping shows that the highlights are clipped? But all the images I attempt to process (and I’ve tried a wide range of exposures up to 1 second at f/2.4 / ISO100) fail with the “image not over-exposed” error. Can anyone help me diagnose why please?

Upload all raw files to a filehost and put the link here.

Thank you: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Will take a look tomorrow.

Did you only take ISO 100 pictures?

The reason why it doesn’ t work for you and Mattes is that darktable needs to be built. Something like this when I checked the history of my Terminal


./ --prefix /opt/darktable-test --build-type Release --install --sudo

After that I run from the folder with your raw files

/opt/darktable-test/libexec/darktable/tools/darktable-gen-noiseprofile -d $(pwd)

Following raw files failed:
"/home/macgyver/Hämtningar/isotest/SAM_7043.SRW" not under-exposed (42)
"/home/macgyver/Hämtningar/isotest/SAM_7044.SRW" not under-exposed (7)
"/home/macgyver/Hämtningar/isotest/SAM_7045.SRW" not under-exposed (0)
"/home/macgyver/Hämtningar/isotest/SAM_7046.SRW" not under-exposed (0)

The noise profile for your camera and for ISO 100. Please add complete set of all ISO numbers. (830 Bytes)

Thank you. I did build Darktable from source to get the noise profiling tools. I’m currently rebuilding it to be certain I’ve got the commands right. I’ve deleted /opt/darktable and the contents of my build directory, run the cmake command you specified and am currently running make (the build instructions on github say the script is for “classic” cases and I don’t know if this counts as one; also I was a little concerned that the installation prefixes in your commands were inconsistent). I’ll retry processing and report back.

I only uploaded ISO100 files because I wanted to get to the bottom of the issue with the overexposure error; once that’s fixed (or I give up - but I’d like to sort this myself if I can) I’ll take the remaining shots and either process them or upload them for you to (for which I’m grateful if it comes to that).

Thanks again.

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Getting the same “not overexposed” error as before. I’ve just noticed that I built 3.9.0+75 which may be significant - over the weekend I’ll figure out how to build a stable release version and see if that changes anything.

I have the same problem after building 3.8 - this is what I did in case anyone can spot an error.

tar -xf darktable-3.8.0.tar.xz
cd darktable-3.8.0
mkdir build
cd build
sudo rm -rf /opt/darktable
sudo make install

/opt/darktable/bin is the first entry in $PATH

Peter, what version are you running please?

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I am running 3.6.1.
I used a VirtualBox to install things like that. Noise profiling and the Lensfun script has never worked for me without spending hours.

Thanks; I’m using Virtualbox (Ubuntu 20.4) too. I’ll see if I can pull 3.6.1 and build from somewhere. I’ve also uploaded a complete range of ISO shots to Dropbox - - Simplify your life but of course I have no way of telling if they are properly exposed or not!

Create a ticket at darktable Github and ask for noise profile support. Add this file.

darktable-noiseprofile-20220115.tar.gz (6.2 MB)

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Done, thanks. I’ll build and test 3.6.1 anyway and if that throws different results to 3.8 I’ll file an issue for that too. Otherwise I’ll put this down to something wrong with the way I’m building. Appreciate all your support.