How to create HaldCLUT from difference between two images

Hey @David_Tschumperle

Sometimes one would like to be able to create a HaldCLUT of processing done by some hardware or software which does not permit you to pass through it a HaldCLUT identity image. One solution would be to photograph the identity image (or some color target with patches), process that raw photo in said hardware/software and save as a separate file, and then use the before/after non-raw images to create the HaldCLUT.

For example, to create a HaldCLUT of a camera’s “Portrait creative style”, you could shoot some target, process the raw photo in-camera to apply the style, and then end up with two JPEGs - a reference image and the styled image. Now the difference must be mapped so that a HaldCLUT can be created.

Could G’MIC help with that?

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Filter CLUT from After/Before Layers is not enough ?


Yes, that should do it - thanks @David_Tschumperle!

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Ha glad to see this may be useful, let us know if you succeed in doing something nice with this filter!

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Interesting and tried that but options are creating either an eight column 512 x 512 png or a sixteen column 4096 x 4096 png neither of which showed up in RT where all Hald CLUT png files are twelve column 1728 x 1728. What am I missing :worried:


@mannikon Can you upload the 512x512 png to and post a link here? I will have a look then…

Will do. Not straight away, middle of processing something. Thanks!

@heckflosse -


It works just fine here.
The result is somewhat peculiar, though… But it shows up in RT and affects the image.

I can confirm what @Claes wrote

Did you restart RT after installing the HaldCLUT in it’s folder?

@Claes @heckflosse - hmm. Puzzled now.

@sguyader - I did the other day, forgot to check it today (I had deleted the files).
Will check now … doh! simple mistake! my new folder had to be read-only, works now. Still puzzled about different resolutions but can experiment now! Thanks for bearing with me :kissing_heart:

(will update the RT thread)