How to edit your photo using different modules

Hey guys!

Last Thursday I got a request for a tutorial about skin tones. Here it is! In this tutorial I show you two modules which you can use to adjust the skin tone colors in darktable!

Hope you guys like it!


Hey guys!

It’s time for another How to Thursday!
Due to the fact a lot of people who are new to darktable started to subscribe to my channel, I figured it was time for a video on the basics of darktable.

Let me know what you guys think, and I hope it helps those that are new to darktable!


Last week I made a video about the basics of darktable and told you guys that I couldn’t show the tethering menu. This week I can. Hope it helps you guys use this amazing feature!

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Hey guys!

This week it’s time for the Split Tone module!

Would love to hear your feedback!


Hey guys!!

It’s time for another How to Thursday, and in this episode I show you guys how to turn your zoo/animal photos into fine art using different modules in darktable. I look forward to hear your feedback. Another thing I’d love is to hear your suggestions for tutorials and/or receive your photos to edit!



Is there a reason for you to be using Darktable 2.6.0 in Windows when there is already a 2.6.2 version for this operating system?

Best regards,

Hello DDHarriman,

Thank you for your question.
There isn’t a specific reason, I just haven’t downloaded it yet. Mostly because 2.6.2 still had some bugs. I’m not quite sure on the status of that. I’m really looking forward to 2.7 for windows with LUT support. I’m also doing some research on getting a dual boot on my laptop to run Linux (Ubuntu) alongside Windows to see if darktable runs even smoother.

Thank you for your fast answer.

Relating to version 2.6.2, I’m running it on Windows 10 and I find it as stable as early versions.
Also, and it can be just wishful thinking, I find it faster.

Best regards,

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Thank you for your feedback! I’ll download it and use it on future tutorials. I’ve got a few scheduled already but you’ll see me making the switch sometime soon :+1:!

dual boot can be a little tricky, I also needed a few years to find out what I needed to change in the UEFI (usually you need to allow the UEFI to boot it, i.e. select the EFI-file to be trusted). but really it is no big deal and google is very helpful. feel free to contact me if you need help with it. I am also dual booting. I have my Linuxes on pendrives since my internal ssd is not very large.
Linux is very very cool, btw :stuck_out_tongue:
And one more thing: dt appears to be quicker if you use a (ultra) lightweight DE such as lxqt.

Yeah I’m going to try Ubuntu though!

Hey guys,

Even though it’s not How to Thursday, I did drop a new darktable tutorial! In this tutorial I show you guys how to use cross processing in darktable!

Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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I tried UEFI on my GENTOO with grub2 and followed all the information I found on the Internet. Finally I failed and gave up, back to the old style… (means I cannot boot from my nice NVMe, fortunately I can handover fast)

Do you have some advice?
Sorry for OT

Several years ago, I had trouble setting up my mother’s laptop with Linux so I used a light installation of Windows to bypass the UEFI (you could use any OS that does that) and then use its boot loader to load grub. I am sure there is a better workaround. :sweat_smile:

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Sometimes black and white images can be very plain and dull. They don’t stand out and are just “Black and White”. But what if I told you, that you can bring them to live with the split one module?

Let me know your thoughts guys! It’s been very quiet in this topic lately and I’m not receiving a lot of feedback. Something I do need in order for me to learn how to create better content for you guys. Looking forward to the dialog!


This is a video on how to create a cinematic look. Since everybody is talking about cinematic sequences and Cinematic LUTS, I figured I’d show you guys how to create a cinematic look yourselves!

It’s the first episode in a new series, let me know how you feel about it! Looking forward to the dialogue!



It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another tutorial! The second episode in a new serie.

In this video, I show you guys how to achieve a polaroid effect!


I always appreciate the concise nature of your videos and the Hugh production value, @TheStoryOfRico!

How did you find darktable? Also where is that accent from?! :smile:

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Hey Mica!

Thank you for your kind comment, that means a lot! I’m glad people appreciate the straight to the point approach!

A long long time ago I was looking for photo editing programs that didn’t cost money. Because I didn’t have a lot of money. So GIMP and darktable caught my eye. Started using them a bit but then didn’t find a need for it. A year ago, I started my Youtube adventure and started studying photography a bit more serious. 6+ months ago I decided to learn more about photo editing and used GIMP and darktable again rather than Adobe their products. To thank the open source community for these wonderful products, I started producing tutorials!

I’m from the Netherlands and my native language is Dutch. I’m really trying to hide the accent haha!

Thank you for your interest Mica, appreciate it a lot!


Ah, Dutch, very good. Your English is excellent!

I appreciate the little touches as well: all used modules in the favorites tab, the really short intro, explanation of how to find more modules. All great stuff!

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