How to edit your photo using different modules

Hey guys,

I have no idea if this is allowed, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve created a new tutorial which has been uploaded two days ago. Every Thursday I upload a darktable tutorial which is usually based around creative edits rather than full explanations on how a module works.

I would love to hear your feedback!


Maybe you can keep posting your videos in this thread, as opposed to a new thread for every video.

If you guys don’t mind me doing so than I’m fine with that.
I haven’t posted videos of my channel before :)!

@TheStoryOfRico are you coming to the LGM2019?

Hello, I was familiar with that venue! Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though :+1:!

A new video has been uploaded in which I show you guys how to create an HDR image in darktable.


I’ve just uploaded a new tutorial!
Three easy ways to increase the brightness of your image in darktable:

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Hey guys!

This week, it’s time for some skin retouching by using the retouch module in darktable.
This module really blew my mind. I’m used to using GIMP for this, but darktable is an even better alternative!


Great videos, always fun to see with good content and good explanations. Two annotations:

  1. The intro music is much louder than your voice, can you fix that?
  2. Currently the Darktable videos are mixed with other topics. Can you add a playlist for your Darktable videos on your channel?

Dank Je!

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Hey man!

  1. Usually I edit the intro music a bit softer, my bad! I’ll try to keep that in mind for my next tutorial!
  2. I’ve just created a playlist with darktable only tutorials :)! Hope that helps!

Graag gedaan!

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I suffer from severe Tinnitus, and any extraneous noise ( music ) is anathema to me enjoying any tutorial.

Please consider totally leaving out any music at all. I enjoyed what I saw, but was unable to understand you at all… the “noise” destroyed me being able to hear you clear enough to understand what is said… I have to use Captions on TV Movies for this very reason.

I’m sorry to hear that John. What seperates me from others IS the music if you ask me. However, I will make sure that I mention you on my next tutorial AND that it won’t contain any music (except my intro, I gotta keep my intro). Fair deal? I’ll post it here this Thursday :)!


Hello John,

I’ve just released a new tutorial, and I’ve left out the music especially for you!
Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Dodge and Burn in darktable


Too bad YouTube doesn’t allow multiple audio tracks…

What do you mean?

Ideally, we could have one audio track without music and another with it. That way everyone would be happy. But I think we cannot do that on YouTube.

Correct, that’s a shame!

Hey guys,

I’ve just released a new tutorial! In this tutorial I’m showing you guys how I edit a sunset picture!


Yes yes I know, the first mask is a gradient mask. You see me use the right explanation later on lol. Can’t believe I made that mistake

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Hello everybody!

In this tutorial I am editing a picture of my girlfriend her horse! To accomplish that I use different modules! For this tutorial I went for a very constrasty look! Let me know what you think!

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