How to get back to the files browser?

I did a right click on a picture > open with ART…
But now I would like to go to the ART’s files browser without closing ART… But I cannot find a button to do so.
A bug? or do I need to change my eyeglasses?

EDIT: same with Rawtherapee 5.8, if I right clik on an image > open with… I do not have the tabs [Editor | Queue | File Browser]…

@PixLab, this is by design. I believe the idea is that if you open (A)RT from the file manager in your OS, you have deliberately chosen to want to edit a single picture. Therefore, (A)RT opens in single file mode, without the option to use the file browser, or queue. I think this saves resources.

Personally, I don’t agree with this approach, but this is what it is atm.

Edit: see also this old request on the RT issue tracker


I don’t like this either, but there are users who have requested this to stay. However, you can override it by running (A)RT with the -R command-line switch. Then opening a file will result in simply loading the file in the editor panel.


@Thanatomanic Thanks for your input

I don’t like it either, I’m going to ask it as a feature :innocent:

Thank you @agriggio but how to put that -R on the right click?

Well, that depends on how exactly your file manager works. In general, you need to edit some .desktop file. See e.g.:
(The details will vary a little bit depending on your desktop environment I suppose)

Thanks a lot for your input, very much appreciated :smiley:
My desktop is MATE, and my other computer is XFCE but getting in .desktop file :cry:
In all case thanks a lot (BTW I just finished to write a feature request about this :laughing: :wink:)

I really don’t like this either, so for my windows ART nightly builds, I made a dirty hack in to allow full configuration when clicking on photo. Not proud of that, but until now, nobody complained!

What I could do is to make the behaviour of -R the default, and add a new flag (e.g. --simple) for the old one… would that be ok?


Hello, I’m okay with that. I’ve never understood why that was good for, opening a file without the file browser tab. The same thing happens when I send a photo from gThumb to ART/RT (*). So yes please, change the default behavior.

(* Edit) But not so with the -R switch added to the gThumb command!

Oh Yes that would be OK :ok_hand:

When you open a file using right click => open with RawTherapee(ART) in a folder with a lot of files which (the folder) you never opened before in RawTherapee(ART) having no file browser is much faster, because no thumbs need to be generated for the files in the folder.

But it’s the editor which will be open, so the file browser should not generate any thumbnail until we call it… Am I wrong?

File browser will start to generate thumbnails even if file browser is not the active tab.
Currently in RawTherapee(ART) there are two modes. With or without file browser. In the mode with file browser the folder will be scanned and thumbnails will be generated for this folder. That’s not a big deal if you open a folder a second time, as the thumbs are in thumbnail cache then. But opening a folder the first time can take a while…

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Um… I don’t like it, especially if the folder has thousands pics.
I think my feature’s request seems to be way better ART feature requests and discussion

sorry but the feature is not going to be implemented, it doesn’t seem to me the proper way of fixing the issue. I will change the default behaviour, but add a --simple flag for keeping the current behaviour when you want it.
The problem of slow generation of thumbnails is indeed real and annoying, but I’d like to find a better solution for it if possible…

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I agree that this behavior is suboptimal. This is one area where (A)RT could be smarter about what to do when, and in the background.

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That makes sense Ingo, never thought about this aspect.

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That’s great!

I’ve pushed some changes that try to make the file browser a bit snappier. I’d appreciate feedback under different usage scenarios (loading a cached folder, opening a folder with unprocessed images, opening a folder with processed images but not in the cache, …)