How to import raw files with as shot white balance?

I recently updated darktable to version 4.4 and then to 4.4.2. This is on Windows 11

With the new version, I’ve noticed that the white balance module defaults to “camera reference” instead of “as shot” whenever I import raw files

So all the photos are at white balance of 6502K and I have to change each file one at a time to “as shot” values. The other option is to set one image to right white balance and copy the edit to all the photos of the same batch

However, if I could import the files with white balance as per what the camera was set at, that would be a lot easier

I’ve tried looking for the setting that would control this but I could use some direction.

Thank you

It defaults to camera reference so that the color calibration module can do white balance in a more robust way. If you are changing your white balance to “as shot” without disabling color calibration, you are going to be messing up the white balance of your shots.

In recent releases of darktable you are encouraged to allow the default (color calibration + white balance) method, but if you want to go back to the olde-worlde white-balance-only option, you will need to change the “auto-apply pixel workflow defaults” preference. Set it to “none” to revert back to the old method but note that this also disables any auto-applied tone mapping modules (filmic, sigmoid, base curve). The “legacy” option will also do this but it does other things as well, and is really not recommended.

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You have two options which is to disable the color calibration module and use white balance module as shot. Some would say old school, but if the look is what you want and expect then I see no problems working that way.

The second option is to continue using the color calibration module and in that module select as shot for the illuminant. I personally don’t see this has any advantages over the first option I proposed, however, this is the method I usually use.

There are a few previous posts on this topic that may interest you.

There is also the initial workflow Lua script which allows for a lot of customization including wb settings… and quite a bit more…

Hi Todd, is the lua script part of the standard installed lua scripts which I have or is it one which I must add. I have not done enough with lua scripts yet.

I think you must add this separately.

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Not yet I am not sure why though?? GitHub - UliGesing/Darktable-Initial-Workflow-Module: This script extends darktable. It offers a new "inital workflow" module both in lighttable and darkroom view. It can be used to do some configuration for an initial image workflow. There are a lot of misc instructions… I just copy it to my lua script folder under the contrib subfolder and it seems to then be available to activate… then you have the workflow module and all the items that you can configure

Thanks for the helpful feedback Todd. I must get my head around LUA scripts more. With experience I am sure they will become second nature. I do tend to like to handcraft each image individually so they have less appeal for me than most people.

I am using a basic style which includes the white balance setting “as shot” and disables the color calibration module which I load on new photos. This gives me a good start for raw-processing.

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I don’t actually know anything about lua …except for how to get them installed and to run… in this case you get a new module to work with so once the script is activated…no more talk of Lua… :slight_smile: I got hooked on this one because it let me set several things with a tad of automation that was not possible…autopresets have been greatly enhanced now as well so there is for sure a lot of flexibility