How to improve this view

Pléneuf Val-André This is my interpretation.IMG_1078.jpg.out.arp (32.8 KB)

IMG_1078.CR2 (12.3 MB)

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With the same base processing, I would go either with a tight vertical crop:

IMG_1078.png.out.pp3 (11.6 KB)

or a wider horizontal crop:

IMG_1078-1.png.out.pp3 (11.6 KB)

On either case, I wouldn”t remove the grain, as it somehow adds atmosphere to the shot

Both images with RT5.8dev (using Clarity)

Cropped to 16:9

IMG_1078_RT-3.jpg.out.pp3 (25.2 KB)

Using a 2:1 crop. The vertical ones are interesting btw. (13.5 KB)

a darktable 3.0.0, linear rgb based version.

I agree with @XavAL’s remark about the grain. I did use denoise, but dialled it down.

Wasn’t it rather photographied on a tropical beach.

a-IMG_1078.jpg.out.arp (13.0 KB)

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Hobie Cats, nice!

IMG_1078.CR2.xmp (12.6 KB)

DT 3.0

IMG_1078.CR2.xmp (10.4 KB)

@gaaned92 You asked the Breton people for their opinion about the climate ?
@XavAL Your option of vertical crop is interesting, I think I will try something in this line.
Thanks to all.


So here is a vertical crop, I tried to keep the succession of the horizontal color zones of the photo.IMG_1078-art-18.jpg.out.arp (32.8 KB)

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Oh how I love the smaller raw file! Saves 1000x the processing time. LOL. As usual, I embrace the minimalism and grain. Rotated it slightly to level the horizon. RT+G’MIC. Zoom and enjoy!

Too bold? :laughing: Added smoothing, brightening and removed sharpening from the resize step: v2.

Here’s my quick and butchered attempt:


IMG_1078.CR2.xmp (7.6 KB)

Kodachrome preset in the color balance module

Here’s my attempt:

Beach.CR2.xmp (15.6 KB)

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To me, the boat action and the foreground compete with one another with the result that neither gets the focus it deserves. I’ve done an absolute rubbish edit (so bad that I’m not going to bother uploading my sidecar) and left so little of the image that the quality of what’s left is poor, but the crop zeroes in on what I find to be the interesting part of the image. This appears to be a race…what the bleep are those miscellaneous boats doing in the middle of the Hobie fleet?

v3 Fun framing.

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