How To Install Nightly Builds

Hello everyone,

I am new to this community and using Raw Therapee. I’ve been delving into everything on the site and its a lot of helpful information. I haven’t been able to find any information about how to install the nightly builds for MAC however. Again, I am new to all of this, especially coding, so maybe having a thread for this would be helpful for others that come to this question.

I currently run v 5.8 and from reading some other threads regarding issues with CR2 files being dark (green tint and etc), I need to install build RawTherapee_dev_5.8-447-g1fe03b298_20200601.exe. I am no expert in code or anything, so a detailed explanation would be very appreciated, and I’m sure other newbies like myself would be glad to have this too.


This is the image for reference
IMG_0251.CR2 (17.0 MB)

Just download the installer from here:

I see the download links. But as I mentioned, I am a complete newbie when it comes to source code. I’d like some guidance as to how to work with these .tar.xz tarball, etc codes. I have no idea what to do with them

You wrote, you need the .exe. Just download RawTherapee_dev_5.8-447-g1fe03b298_20200601.exe and execute it.

Oh, now I saw you need a Mac executable. I was confused by you mentioning .exe

Yes, I would need a file for a mac. Is the exe not for mac? Which would would be and what would be the proper way of installing it?

.exe is for Windows

For Mac @HIRAM

so actually none of these are for mac to fix the issue I mentioned -

You could try from here

Should work

Awesome thank you. Which zip file though, there seems to be a number of different ones

The one I mentioned above :wink:

apologies about that; really do appreciate your help. Will try it out :slight_smile:

It crashes upon open, but there is this in the folder notes:
"To use the optional rawtherapee-cli command line interface, move rawtherapee-cli into a folder in your $PATH and install the RawTherapee app as above."

I’m a newbie to code, so I have really no idea what to do with that

I don’t know anything about Mac, so we’ll have to wait for an answer from Hiram or other RT Mac users

What version of macOS are you using?

Also welcome to the community! Glad you’re here :slight_smile:

Thank you @paperdigits!
I am using a mac with mojave 10.14.6

Hmmm I’m not sure if those builds are for 10.15 only… But they do address specific issues with Catalina.

@czerwinskiphoto Be sure to install the app in /Applications
and let us know what any crash report says.
Thanks for testing!

@HIRAM I went to install v5.7 to see if it works there and it does. Thinking i’ll just stay on this version until a new stable version supports the CR2 file issue