How to light up the face

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This is a sculpture from Jaume Pensa in Bordeaux
A try using DeltaE mask from art.DSC00416.ARW (19.9 MB) These files are licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike


Bright enough for me
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@age A good version, i like this one. i catch your arp file to learn how to optimize my work with ART

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Quick and dirty with RT (only 4 steps)

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darktable 3.0.0

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RT + Nik collection

RT NewLocalLab

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darktable 3.1


The opposite is true for this bright young lad.


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I had a careful look at your parameters. So I understand that you first applied a zone mask and within this mask you refine the selection with Delta mask. I am right ?
Thanks to all for your participation.

GIMP 2.10.12. Did not brighten the face too much so as to keep a realistic perspective. Basically used the curve tool and the Screen blend mode on the face. Increased the contrast and sharpened a bit. Should have removed the CA that is present around the head of the statue though…

evenquickdirty: Lens correction, sharpening , Lab Adjustments, Graduated Filter

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@srgmro Yes that’s what I did.

The order I find works for me is:

  1. Click on delta mask (within colour adjustment tool)
  2. Click on show mask
  3. Click on point in picture to select the object and see what parts of the picture it selects.
  4. Adjust the range setting to select more or less of the image.(The HSL tools also adjust the range of what gets selected in the mask)
  5. Often that’s all that’s needed to select what you want but if you may also want to restrict the changes to a specific area using the area tool as well. Feathering is often a good idea to avoid abrupt changes.
  6. Make the adjustments to your selected area ie slope, gamma, hue, saturation etc

Hope this is what you were asking. It’s just what I do, but I am sure there may be better ways…

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@spidermonkey, thanks it helps me in understanding how masks work.

You are welcome. Glad that I can be of help.

Thanks for this PlayRaw. It is a very nice example for the use of masks. I did my variant with darktable 3.0

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