How to light up the face

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My work using Darktable 3.0 and exposition mask. Thanks for sharing

Using Art 1.0.31DSC00416.jpg.out.arp (16.6 KB)


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Finished by stretching the layer in Gimp and overlaying the bigger head. Am I the only one who was annoyed at the disproportion of the head?

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@sls141 Perhaps could you have a look there:

Thank you for posting the link, Serge.
This photo conveys something incredible for me, touches my heart deeply.

@jllailes Artifacts the shadows. @agriggio E.g.,


thanks for reporting! Should be fixed now.


Same workflow as

but with different parameters. And yes, I have been a little tired of writing each step lately. Briefly, RT minimal with capture sharpening and corner boost + G'MIC custom magic.

In hindsight, I should have made it brighter. Over overcast now. If I were less lazy, I would have removed the object floating in the middle of the right edge (edit and of course I would have done something about the bright young lad).

Zoom and enjoy!

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Brighter version.

I enjoy photos like this because there is so much going on. Not only is there the bright young lad that I mentioned twice but there is a person peeking behind a pillar. What’s his story? Is he a spy, stalker or enjoying a break? Wait, he is looking right at you! :joy: