How to resize image in Python?

2 hours I’m try to resize image with Python.
No one example found on the web and here - on forum.
I try with all variants to resize image with python. No working.
Reason - I don’t known how to use methods which resize image.

I tried this variants.

resize = app.createNode("fr.inria.openfx.OIIOResize", -1, app, dict([("CreateNodeArgsPropNodeInitialName", NatronEngine.StringNodeCreationProperty("Resize"))]))

Not work 
app.Resize.size.x = 300

Not work 

Not work 
app.Resize.size.set(300, 300)

Not work 

Not work 
app.Resize.size = (300, 300)

And any combinations. Not work.

You guys don’t know how to write documentation. Please don’t do this. It doesn’t help people.

In c++ I know how to use any method and any parameter. Here, in Python - I don’t know how to use it.

If you’re going to ask for help, its best not to be insulting. Please be kind.


This works, as described in the documentation.

In some cases it work incorrect. Changed only X component. Bu it happened in Project Created Callback. If I change size in Menu Command Handler - it work always.

Need more and more examples of code usage.

The documentation (and Natron in general) is a community effort. This means people usually only contribute/work on things they care about, or want to improve. Feel free to help us improve the documentation, see Update/Complete the Documentation.