I got close to it

… but it isn’t a macro pic.
My goal was to get closer to that mountain range that rises North of the town, and to which I have a close tie.
So I woke up early to get the first ferry and go to the small island that sits inside the bay, not far from the base of the mountain. Unfortunately, the sun was shy that day.
Not a challenging picture for editing purposes (or any other, as well…)

IMG_6562.cr2 (11.3 MB)
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Thank you for the image. It look a little time until I spottet the great egret :wink: .

IMG_6562.cr2.xmp (15.5 KB)


IMG_6562.cr2.xmp (46.7 KB)

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IMG_6562.cr2.xmp (15,8 KB)

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@gadolf Thanks for sharing! You take a lot of pretty photos.


Ahhh, the egret… and there’s the other one :microscope:

Thanks, @afre, kind words!

But that looks more like a gray heron. Correct?

Two egrets, one heron. Or is that two herons, one egret?

One and a half egret and one heron :wink: .

That’s what I thought at first, but the ‘half’ one looks like it has a yellow beak.

Possible and there might be more:


Edit: When they do not breed, egrets can have yellow beaks, too.

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Who knew this thread would turn into “Where’s Wally”


Here’s my take

IMG_6562.cr2.xmp (10.4 KB)


IMG_6562.pfi (38.1 KB)

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trying, darktable 3.0.0

IMG_6562_01.cr2.xmp (9,0 Ko)

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Humm… you made me learn a new kind of bird, besides chickens and pidgeons (okay, and egrets), which were the only ones I new about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Considering this is South America, and according to wikipedia, it seems highly unlikely that it is a grey heron, since they seem to be from Europe and, at most, Africa.

But who knows?

Btw, is that your own web site? Cool!

So maybe not a gray heron but a cocoi heron of the same genus. Yes, that’s my website, where I put some of my pictures. However, the server and the IP are mainly used for other purposes.

Oh my, you are fast.
ok, googled cocoi heron on Guanabara Bay and didn’t find anything, but this entry tells about five animal species that (still!) live there, and now I’m strongly suspecting about this one: ciconia maguari.

Tricky herons. I asked my friend who has bird books and I can’t tell the difference from the drawings. Mind you, the drawings differ in style from book to book.

Yes, I think @gadolf must get a good telephoto lens and shoot some decent pictures of this “mysterious” bird :wink: .

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