I got it (cont.)

Learning from Mr. Boris_@s7habo how to make a monochrome image (Editing moments with darktable - #120 by s7habo)

Not a challenging one, but I’m curious to see if anybody else has other monochrome approaches (but color renderings are welcome as well)

IMG_6495_03.cr2.xmp (34.2 KB)

IMG_6495.cr2 (10.9 MB)

The story behind this one is here, since it is from the same shooting session.

(And can’t avoid thinking how close this (Jan/2020) was from the drastic changes and deaths COVID imposed to the whole world…)

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Oooh, ooh, loves the monochromes… :laughing:

Sucking the color out of an image just opens up all sorts of possibilities. Here’s what I came up with, in rawproc:

I wanted contrast in the chunks of ice, and I got it with two things: 1) a control point curve, and 2) ludicrous-ludicrous HSL color saturation. In fact, here’s a screenshot in-process, with the saturation tool selected for display:

All these shenanigans are, as you can see in the toolchain, before the conversion to monochrome with the gray tool, which was just the bog-standard perceptual mix of the channels. A crop to accentuate the horizontal-ness of the composition, oh, and to also remove the slight vignetting occurring in the corners, and 'ere y’go.

That’s the sort of warped thinking that goes into my monochromes… :crazy_face:


It was around 40 °C at the time (high South summer), so the ice must have melted… :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s not ice? Boy, am I losing it…

My kid is still at the South Pole, so I’ve been regarding ice photos all year… :crazy_face:

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:grinning: let’s say this is half way down the Equator…

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My fun in GIMP 2.10.24 unfolding to Lab, removing a and b, then Luminosity mask


Two versions with GIMP, one black and white, the other added a blue colour cast - so still monochrome!




To try to add to the serenity of the scene, I have made the image almost monochrome and cropped to a more panoramic aspect.


I like a lot the second one.
Maybe too different to the reality, but who cares (not me)

Glad you like it, but now I think that I should have reduced the saturation by about 30%!
My latest attempt to achieve what I had in mind is still not right.

thanks for this play
darktable 3.6

IMG_6495_01.cr2.xmp (15.4 KB)


IMG_6495.cr2.xmp (29.4 KB)


Darktable: 3.6.1

IMG_6495.cr2.xmp (19,9 KB)



IMG_6495.cr2.xmp (20.3 KB)

dt 3.6.1
I’m not good at B/W (though I love it). But this was such a nice shot that I couldn’t avoid to try it. Congrats!
BTW: time to clean your sensor! :wink:

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IMG_6495_01.cr2.xmp (16.5 KB)

Slightly improved (and simplified), at least to my taste. And with another crop.


dt 3.7
IMG_6495_07.cr2.xmp (20.0 KB)

I leave it as an exercise for the student at home to take care of the sensor dust. :rofl:


Sloppy me :blush: … so sloppy (to say the least) that I managed to completely brick this camera a couple of months later while trying to connect a damn cheap macro extension tube :sob:

Thanks to all contributors!

Yet another attempt at this beautiful photograph. This time even more panoramic, only the slightest hint of colour and a bluish cast.


I did this mostly to show that you can use negative RGB channel settings in the gray output. I don’t know why the module on shows only positive settings. You have to enter a negative number to change the slide bar scale.

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