Image info of .dng files in RT

Using RT 5.8 on Ubuntu 20.04.

When I open a .dng file created by my smartphone (OnePlus Nord), RT does not show the quick image info like speed, iso, focal length etc. for that file.
But I can see that these values are inside the .dng file if I use exifprobe command on Ubuntu. The Metadata tab of RT also seems to omit these values.

A sample .dng file is attached. Also attached is exifprobe output.

Quick image info works with other raw files like .NEF or .NRW

What could be the reason for this?
f1.dng (22.9 MB)
exifprobe.txt (3.8 KB)

I think this is a known issue.

Noted @kmilos . Thank you.

Coincidentally, I saw this post reg dng files from the same OnePlus Nord phone.

A couple of dng files attached there are showing all image info in RT. exifprobe shows that those files have a diff content – more records than mine. So it looks to me that my problem may be related to the content of dng files emitted by my apps, and not to RT.

That said, I was under the (wrong?) impression that dng files have a standardized format. Perhaps they don’t. If that is indeed the case, then I am guessing that the reason my phone is emitting such dng files is related to
the respective camera apps (OnePlus and Open Camera), or possibly to the Google’s camera2 like API which both these apps must be using for generating dng files. Just a guess for now. I need to explore this more. Thanks again…

same RT on kubuntu doesn’t show for me with your image either. darktable on linux shows the info just fine

The output files themselves are fine in terms of DNG spec compliance from all those apps. It is the interpreting SW like RT that’s deficient in assuming the relevant info is located in the dedicated Exif IFD only, which is not mandatory in a DNG (TIFF/EP really).

Thanks @David_Prescott for checking in DT. That helps. The other raw processor i tried was snapseed on Android. That picked up the dng file info properly. The known issue pointer by @kmilos seems to be most relevant here. Its quite technical and perhaps beyond my abilities :pensive:. Hopefully it will have a resolution some day soon.

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Thanks @kmilos for clarification. I am studying the link that you provided. Its too technical for me I think, but I am hoping that this will have some resolution some day soon.

My DNG files came from GCam.

Noted. Thanks @kofa