Info: macOS 13 breaks darktable

preset menus doesn’t work with recent macOS13 Ventura (see Preset's not selectable on MacOS Ventura · Issue #12708 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub ) with x86_64 and m1 builds.
A build using latest macOS13 sdk doesn’t fix it, so using development builds isn’t a solution yet.

Since there’s no known workaround yet don’t upgrade to macOS13 if you need to use darktable.


it seems, the menu doesn’t get focus properly.
workaround for that:

  • open preset menu
  • move mouse pointer outside the menu over a module header or module parameter
  • wait until the tooltip occurs
  • move mouse pointer back to the menu
  • then the highlighting of menuitems on mouseover is active, and selecting by click works fine
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This workaround doesn’t work for me. But I can open the preset menu and navigate up and down with the arrow keys. The options highlight as I do this, and are selectable with Return.

It looks like it may be a gtk issue, as it has been reported here:

(I’m on a mid-2017 iMac, Intel Core i5)

Rats! The arrow keys workaround doesn’t seem to work for the processing modules in darkroom.

…but Martin’s tip about slowly moving the mouse pointer to another item till the tooltip appears does seem to work for processing modules. (Weird!)

It’s a gtk3 issue and a fix is in the pipe
see macos13: presets menu doesn't get focus for mouse actions · Issue #12727 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

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