Install raw converter for Gimp in Linux.

I’ve read posts here, and on the 'net in general, on the topic of installing a raw convert for Gimp; they all seem to be discussing the Windows environment - none on how to do it for Linux. Specifically I am unable to load a raw file in Gimp 2.10.24 (FlatPak) even though darktable 3.5.0-git2787xxxxx (master downloaded from repositories on This is not surprising: the Gimp preferences are still at their default setting.

I would be most grateful if somebody could advise me how to set this string, from Gimp preferences, appropriately:

I've just realised that I have an equivalent need to set the path **TO** GIMP in both darktable and Rawtherapee. My limited technical understanding of Linux prevents me from understanding where GIMP is installed (from FlatPak) in my Mint 20.1 system. Any advice?

(searching on ‘GIMP’ from within the Nemo file browser finds about 20 directories and about 80 files containing the test string “GIMP”; none of them seem to be the executable…)

Flatpaks are sandboxed by default. You can install the Flatseal app from flathub to have a GUI for adjusting flatpak permissions.

Are you certain this really is the best approach?
darktable, RawTherapee and ART all support local edits.

In darktable, you can have multiple module instances, each with its own mask (drawn, parametric, a mixture of the two or the rasterised copy of the mask of another module), and you can even change the order of effects (reorder the processing queue) and change module settings at any time, without undoing and redoing everything. Beauty retouching, spot removal, liquify are all available, as well as colour grading functionality. To be honest, I have not edited my photos in the Gimp for several years now.

Some still do final sharpening and some more changes in the Gimp, but then you’d usually do the most of the editing in your raw developer, and export to the Gimp, instead of using the raw developer as an input to the Gimp workflow.

Thanks; Flatseal duly installed and unleashed on GIMP - but I’m none the wiser: not one of the available permissions that I can alter appears to have anything to do with allowing GIMP to find and invoke an external editor, such as darktable or RT

Hello, if I’m not mistaken, this functionality stopped working. It did work in the early versions of Gimp 2.10, so you could set Darktable or RawTherapee as the raw importer for Gimp. But for one or other reason, this stopped working.

Easy workaround : open your raw first in RT, do your edits, then click the button (next to the Save button) to send the converted file to Gimp. Or use DT, save the converted file and open that one in DT.

darktable also has a script to integrate the Gimp:

Yeah, thanks for this - I just found it myself a few minutes ago before reading here. IT leads me to ask what must appear to be a stupid question: how does one run these scripts in a Windows environment when they all seem to be build for a Linux environment? Windows asks me to find an app. which under stands what a .sh file is…

These are Lua scripts, not .sh.
darktable has a Lua script installer, you should be able to install them via that tool.

Note: I use Linux, and don’t use Lua, but based on the description, installation is performed by selecting the script on the UI. How that finds the Gimp, I don’t know; I assume the Gimp executable (gimp.exe ?) must be on the Windows PATH.

I don’t know if this is still relevant: workaround to start gimp via lua under windows
Also, search the forum for darktable lua windows.