Is there a way to load G'MIC into Photoshop?

I just found G’Mic project and tried it in GIMP. Marvelous! Beyond my expectations! Real fine science behind visual editing!

However there is a serious problem, its name is GIMP. Gimp is an awful bloated something made by code-monkeys from a jungle vilage(probably, not sure). For years it shares the first place of user- hostileness with Open-Office.

I really want to use G’MIC, this gem of math programming in Photoshop. Is there a way?

There is no way currently to get g’mic into Photoshop.

Also, your non-constructive criticism of gimp is not welcome. That horse has been beaten to death. Let it be.


Since you pay them well, I assume if you ask them, Adobe experts will be happy to integrate GMI’C into Photoshop for you.


And they already did it. It is called “plugin engine”.
The last step is for G’MIC developers.

BTW, photoshop plugins are sold very well… just because it is a user-friendly environment. G’MIC, by the way, took a lot from Photoshop in UI, as I see, not from GIMP.

@paperdigits, I agree, GIMP is a dead horse.

@Hale Your tone is not appropriate. We can discuss here objectively, but please stop insulting people.

Back to the topic. You can use G’MIC inside GIMP, Krita, Paint .NET or via command line. If you need it inside PS you have three options:

  1. wait and hope
  2. pay someone
  3. do it yourself

Hello everyone,

As regards G’mic working out-of-the-box with other softwares such as Photoshop there is, right now, a grant to develop such an option [1].

In short, the French G’MIC team is looking right now for a developer whose annual task will be precisely aimed to allow G’MIC to work with softwares not supported at the moment (e.g. Photoshop, MyPaint etc).
This coding should start on 1st October, 2019 and it is sponsored for a year.

Here is a short extract from the CNRS web-page where this particular task is better explained [1]:
“- Develop APIs to port the plugin for other similar image processing software (Photoshop, MyPaint, etc.)”



It is quite possible but it will take coordination, engineers and money. I say possible because ImageMagick has been a part of Photoshop for many years. PS is successful because it is composed of many components contributed by hundreds if not thousands of people over the years.

@Hale Welcome to the forum! If you desire to see G’MIC paired with Photoshop and other apps, perhaps consider donating (Now you can support G'MIC financially by donating!) and seeing how you could contribute as a volunteer.

That’s great news, Silvio. Hope it’s in a form of an 8bf so that other programs that can run PS filters can utilize it. I no longer have PS (just got tired of trying to re-install it after my system crashed a few times during Win10 birthing pains; lol), but do use (and often) programs that can utilize PS files in the 8bf format. What would be great is to just use such a plugin to call out an graphical UI and then return that result back into the program that called it out. Still, that’s would be limited G’MIC possibly. Regardless, it’s good that more folk are starting to appreciate the raw power of G’MIC. :slight_smile: