It is cool some feature if it will implement for Natron by contributor



I am still new to Natron, I like to learn it and how it works inside and I would like to bright some contribution to Natron too, time to finish my work in 3D math and general graphic then i will learn to vfx from code… :slight_smile:

If someone is interested by some features as 3D camera and 2D/3D tracking would be good idea to implement in Natron.

For more info in link : Camera space and 2D/3D tracking

It is rather not very difficult to make it, just to have a great time to put in but it is all possible to code by contributor.

What do you think of that ? Ideas? Suggestion? or your request for natron ?

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Good news, I will try to implement 3D camera and 3D tracking features after i study the source code from Natron :slight_smile:

I will experience this on how to integrate them and however, it will take time to finish… so wait and see.

The hard part is integrating FBX model… but obj model is easy so i will see how it does work.

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Sounds awesome, please let us know how you progress!


Sure i hope but from time being this work will take a little long time than expected :slight_smile:


Ok the planning for the features are 3d view, 3d camera, 3d transform, light: point and spot, mode rendering: opengl. Maybe raytracing for reflection and refraction?.. All with nodes ?

I missed nothing or not?

3D tracking will come in second development.

Natron development status?

I forgot some features as Material : diffuse, uv mapping, phong, blinn and bump.

Maybe I would be a little more faster and motivated if there is a support for 3D camera / tracking in boutysource?

What do you think?

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I think its a good idea to make a bountysource. I think even better would be a patreon page where you could post regulary (weekly or monthly) your progress and talking about difficulties etc.

3d workspace would be awesome, importing 3d models is not most important, more to place 2d footage in 3d space and fly around with a camera.

Also particles are much needed.

Thanks for your effort.


Ok for patreon I created this page (what do you think?), as you see i have 3 project to work in and from now there is not much activity cause it is very rough as project. I think next month it will be more clear if all go well. First Natron will integrate for 3D camera and the rest will come other feature as well.

Your request for particles is in my todo for later :slight_smile:

Thank you your interest too.

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Good luck with it all!

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I’ve just had a look at your Patreon page and I just have a big question. Of the three projects you mention that you mention that you’re developing, are Blackdot and Vanilla at the pre code stage? i.e. has any code been written? Also, are you the only developer on each?

I ask as developing one software is consuming enough, let alone three!


There is source code for Blackdot, feel free to make it whatever, warning it is very unstable.
Some code for Blackdot has been written but not yet published and Vanilla there are source code based 2.79b i am working on BGE 2 and new mesh system and all are experimental. Sure they are big project for me as solo, it is good for my work and to get more experience each project and they get me more motivated to coding because I do not like blocking myself on one project. The problem is my free time, if i get full time from patreon by their support and soon they will have the beta or stable version.

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I was also a bit skeptic in the same way as hellocatfood.
However, I am also one who need to be on more than one project to get the right pressure.

I started to support you via patreon. Might raise the pledge when I see first results.
Keep in mind that Patreon takes time to grow:

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I started to support you via patreon.

I’m not sure why you are writing this in reply to me. I’m not a Natron developer. Never was one, never claimed to be one.

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This is a missunderstanding.
I started to support “threedslider” but posted your post to draw attention about how Patreon works.
Btw. I am already supporter of your Patreon since I love to get opensource news bundled in one clear view.

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This is a missunderstanding.
I started to support “threedslider” but posted your post to draw attention about how Patreon works.

Ah, I see! I’d hate it if someone decided I was a developer and tried to send money my way for something I’m not qualified to do. So it’s all good :slight_smile:

Btw. I am already supporter of your Patreon since I love to get opensource news bundled in one clear view.

Thank you!


Thank you for your support !

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any news on what you are working on right now?



Sorry for late to reply, yes last time i was very busy, i work on this slowly, unfortunately it will not be for now :confused:

But don’t worry i have a lot idea to adding to Natron as features and the coming next to it.

Remember i work on three project too, so it divides by three times to make it :slight_smile:

Hope to make my works more time to Natron cause i work in IT too in real life.


When i will get more time i will review my dev in depth to make a little fast.

I still am working on it so stay tune more to come later.