Kickstarter campaign to get things going?

(Vincent) #1

I am not sure if this is the place to put it, but I noticed that the Natron project is in need of a maintainer and is halted while waiting for one. Also, no more features are being added. My question is simple: can money help this process? If so, I’d gladly start and/or contribute to a money raising campaign to get things back on track.

(Simon Frei) #2

Relevant similar discussions are found here: Natron development status?

@Dominic_Stone_Kaiser wanted to possibly look into the code to contribute, and I seem to remember one more person with similar intentions, but can’t find anything. Whether or not that’s still the case today and whether money would help, I don’t know. In general the final argument usually was, that finding developers is the bigger problem then finding funding (though if there was a concrete funding available, maybe the finding a dev would be easier too).

(Mica) #3

Matron needs a dedicated developer before we start raising money, as the developer needs to be willing to work without pay; there is no guarantee of a continues revenue stream.