Natron development status?

(John Titor) #1

Natron development seems to have halted (at least on github where I usually check it out). Meanwhile, domain names and repos are changing. I can’t seem to find any information about these changes on this forum as well. Where can I find out what is happening with Natron and its development?

(Aljeune) #2

A little up, I would like to know too :slight_smile:
Of course I don’t expect to see a 3d workspace tomorrow but seing that the project is not stopped and people working on it is great !
Other question, do you have a communication plan to attract users and devs on the project ? It could add a new life to the development too :slight_smile:

(Mica) #3

The main dev of natron did not have enough time to keep the project moving forward, so it is in bug fix only mode until the situation changes.

The code is free, so improvements are welcome.

(Stephen Thomas) #4

Are there any plans for opening some kind of funding/crowd sourcing of Natron?

(Mica) #5

Not that I am aware of.

@devernay could answer you for sure, though.

(John Titor) #6

Let’s hope the project can regain some momentum one way or another. It would be a real pity if Natron and it’s great codebase faded away…?

(Stephen Thomas) #7

No plans for funding Natron and the main dev doesn’t have time for development. Correct me if I’m missing something, but this is a pretty dire situation no?

(Mica) #8

Natron still works and is getting big fixes. The code is open and anyone is free to contribute. I don’t think it is that dire, but we probably disagree.

It’d be nice if the users gathered together to support the dev.

(Stephen Thomas) #9

I’m not a developer, so I won’t be much use on that front.

I’m all for supporting, happy to pay into some kind of development fund so that the main developer can work on this full time. If that’s not possible, I guess I can show support with positive words?

(Colin Jenken) #10

As a non-developer I’m not sure how I can contribute to this project. I’ve done a quick check on the web site and I didn’t see any way for me to personally contribute.

I’d be more than happy to contribute to a Patreon account (or something similar) for the development of Natron.

(Tobias) #11

Just ask the main developer to open a page.

(Aljeune) #12

Personally I’m not dev but I sent a post on open source reddit, maybe it will help ^^

(Frédéric Devernay) #13

You can already propose a bounty for each issue posted on GitHub (it has been so for more than 6 months and nobody ever offered anything).
The main issue is to find developers, though.

(Stephen Thomas) #14

If you’re a developer, you’d probably know about the bug bounties. I doubt many regular users know about this, which no doubt explains why nobody has used it for over 6 months.

If finding more developers is the top priority though, it’s understandable that you’re not actively seeking funding from your users. I hope you manage to find lots of talented developers :+1:

(Mica) #15

Users can actively recruit developers too!

(magdesign) #16

I just asked to write in their blog that natron needs a new maintainer (as we discussed in the other thread).
Since the Natron website is hosted on github, we could make a commit with changes on the site, with a content something like this: Maintainer and Coders needed.

edited on 23.11.18 => fixed the Github link:
edit2: I made a pull request with a ribbon: Maintainer Needed!

(Ati) #17

Yeah I think the some simple way to contribute for normal people like Patreon would good idea. Git hub is to confusing not very clear if you are not developer, this bounty payment is not very visible. After creating Patreon all people that are interested in using Natron can easily donate and also spread this information to all forums and social media.


Might also be worthwhile to look at the blender development fund. Being able to support developers part-/fulltime is a great incentive to get new developers and keep active ones.

I’m sure Ton Rosendaal (blender chairman) can provide some needed info on this.
The truth is that Natron is a big project, not something you simply dive into on a lazy sunday.

Things like kickstarter are great to reach a specific development target, but a steady monthly income can do much more.

(Dominic Stone Kaiser) #19

Hello I am a user of Natron and Blender. Also do Devops for my day job. So I would be glad to help any way I can. I am going to start looking at the code as this falls into some of my talents. So who controls what gets merged now does anyone know?

(Mica) #20

That is @devernay.