Kingfisher: Softproof failure

The day before yesterday I had the luck to get a kingfisher in front of my lens, I thought this is a worthy PlayRaw to test the new darktable version :slight_smile:

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I am very happy with the new version! Many thanks to the developers!!!

However, I’m still struggling with color management issue (which has nothing to do with the new version of darktable).

I’ve prepared the picture as you can see for the web. As a next step I wanted to alter the processing for the print.

Therefore I activated softproof and set the softproof profile to “SaalDigital_Softproof_Fuji.icc”, which is a profile I downloaded from my printing service.SaalDigital_SoftProof_Fuji.icc (427.8 KB)

I then activated the new clipping warning.

In preview mode “luminance only” and “full gamut” the whole picture turns blue (color scheme red & blue)

I had this issue before when I used a LUT-based profile. (see Clipping indicator: all clipped (in luminance only mode) - #19 by RawConvert)

@anon41087856 had the solution that such a profile is not supported.

Might it be that the Saal_digital_profile is also not supported? How could I find that out?


I thought you’d amped the saturation, but no, this is a remarkably-colored bird. In rawproc, but with only the libraw-supplied camera matrix:

I know you’re interested in darktable behavior, but I though I’d show minimal processing, a rather straightforward filmic curve.

Beautiful colors on the lil’ fella!

Filmulator intensifies the blues on its back rather more than default darktable…

  • Highlight Recovery 2
  • Exposure Compensation -2/3
  • Shadow Rolloff Point 0.00555
  • Drama 94
  • White Clipping Point 0.532
  • Shadow Brightness 209

Nice picture. Just as an aside, I’ve always found Kingfishers to be difficult to capture on camera.

PC251438.ORF.xmp (10.0 KB)


If I understood the previous thread you mention, the pipeline “interior” does not work with LUT profiles, but the output stage does work. So you can’t see a soft proof, but the output will nevertheless be ready for the printing service. To verify this, and assuming you have Gimp, open the output file in Gimp and it should report what profile it finds, which should be your Fuji one. (?you might need to check gimp preferences to ensure it will report on the profile found?). I guess there are other pieces of s/ware which can also do this, maybe dt itself, anyone?

yes, this bird is really very colorful, but also very small, fast and shy…

Yes, I was very lucky. The bird stayed on the opposite bank for a long time before it flew into the branches of a bush about 2m away from me.


You are right, that works. But that means I can’t check in dt if colors are out of gamut for the print?

I’m not quite used to dt 3.4, yet.

When I tried using the Tone Equalizer, it revealed some strange areas in the bokeh, saying they were at around level -15. Anything I did with the module made those areas look very splotchy. So, I removed it from the workflow.

PC251438.ORF.xmp (8.1 KB)

I haven’t tried the tone equalizer on this pic.
I use it sometimes when dealing with a huge dynamic range. But generally I find that module difficult to manage.

kingfisher.pp3 (16.5 KB) RawTherapee 5.8-2747-g43257b237

Nice shot, thanks for sharing!

EDIT: Messed up the sizing, fixed it.


Kingfisher feathers contain no blue pigment (they’re really brown!). The blue colour comes from the structure of the feathers which produces an iridescent effect.

I learned to use it from a Bruce Williams video. It is certainly not intuitive.

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You could submit a feature request if you have a login -

I haven’t done any printing for ages so haven’t hit this with dt yet.

PC251438.ORF.xmp (20.3 KB)

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Great bird!

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PC251438.ORF.xmp (14.1 KB) Picknick på vår bröllopsdag-0003.NEF.xmp (6.6 KB)