Latest build of darktable for Kubuntu


Where do I find the find the latest build for darktable?
I’m using Kubuntu with darktable version 2.4. I see on openSUSE you can get version 2.5.

(Chris) #2

I may be incorrect but I’ve just checked the opensuse website and it says the latest version of darktable is 2.4.4. I’ve also checked the darktable website, especially the “Install” section which generally points you to the latest stable and unstable versions for various distributions. However, I was unable to find a 2.5 version listed…even on git the latest build seems to be 2.4.4. Perhaps there was an error in the version information (although, as I said, I could be incorrect and not looking in the right places.)

(Mica) #3

2.4.4 is the latest stable release. 2.5 is a development build.

You can find links here: Various packages for darktable