Various packages for darktable

(darix) #1

For a while i had snapshot packages for darktable in my home namespace on the OBS. Not too long ago I added Debian/Ubuntu support with borrowing some files from pmjdebruijn’s ppa and in the end bremner’s official debian package.

So with the 2.4.0 release … I thought why not restructure our whole darktable packaging in the OBS to make it easier.

So now we have 3 sources for darktable packages for you:

Latest Release

Snapshots from the latest release branch

Snapshots from the master branch

We will try to keep those packages working for the latest supported versions of Debian, Fedora openSUSE and Ubuntu.

Right now this means:

  • Debian 9, Next aka Testing
  • Fedora 28, 29, Rawhide
  • openSUSE 42.3, 15.0, Tumbleweed
  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 18.10

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Happy holidays indeed!



Thanks for the work. I am using Ubuntu 17.10. After I installed the key, and when I performed apt update, I got the following error. Do you know what went wrong? Thanks.

W: GPG error: Release: The following signatures were invalid: 4B9E37E2BED9C9725FAD399D55E7BAF94F311B1D

E: The repository ' Release' is not signed.

N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.

N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

(darix) #5

The key problem should be fixed.


Hi Darix, I tried all three above but the message I get is; darktable is already the newest version (1:2.4.0-0pmjdebruijn1~artful). How do I get 2.5? I’m using Kubuntu.
Many thanks

(Roman Lebedev) #7

darix != pmjdebruijn

For git master (which is what 2.5.0 means) from @darix, use


Brilliant! Now installed. Many thanks

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I could provide a development build for Windows, but I don’t have webspace. Would you like to upload it, @darix?

(darix) #11

That would be a question for @houz I guess. Or we talk to @patdavid.

BTW: the OBS can do windows builds too

(darix) #12

Fedora 26 is EOL and was removed. Fedora 28 added.


So far I’ve used the PPA from Pascal, but now I recognised this ‘new’ OBS. Are the repositories to be preferred over the PPA resp. does it make any difference for future updates?

(darix) #14

Both are maintained. So as long as you just want a package for the released version, then they are pretty much the same. in the OBS we just have snapshot packages additionally.


Well, thanks for the quick response!


I have one more question: Which OBS is the right one for the latest stable release? The first or the second one?

(darix) #17

first is release tarball. 2nd is if one of the devs tells you “you can test it in the stable branch”. last one is “fixed in master” :slight_smile:

(darix) #18

added Fedora 29, and ubuntu 18.10

Fedora 27 will be removed in about 2 weeks.

(/ar) #19

Thanks @darix. Discovering DT 2.5 features thanks to this - on ubuntu 18.10. I still have to find any problem in it (other than some bug with OpenCL that also affects 2.4)

(darix) #20
  • release package updated to 2.6.0
  • stable snapshot package moved to 2.6.x branch (no more 2.4.4 packages)
  • master branch is still master but the packages now have 2.7.x as version number to follow the upstream pattern
  • Fedora 27 is now EOL and therefor removed from the list