Library error after updating macOS Big Sur to 11.1

I was using Raw Therapee seemingly with no issues a few hours ago. I closed everything and did the update to macOS Big Sur 11.1

These are the messages on my screen - any advice? Should people hold off on this update?
I haven’t tried to open Raw Therapee yet; I thought I would post this here before I do anything more.

It is working here. I am using RT 5.8.397 with OS 11.1

It looks to me (just a user of RT, and the experts here may have better solutions) from your error message, that RT is looking for the profiles in the wrong place. In RT 5.8.397 profiles are in:

/Users/your home directory/Library/Application Support/Rawtherapee/config/profiles

and not in: /Library/App…

You can try opening the option file in:
/Users/your home directory/Library/Application Support/Rawtherapee/config/options

and edit the line where is described the location of profiles, looks like this:

LoadSaveProfilePath=/Users/your user name/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee/config/profiles

If this is the only problem with RT it may work, if not, you can always do a clean install.

Since RT wasn’t running at the time, I have no idea when or why that error message appeared after doing the OS update. It’s now morning - I opened RT again, and everything looks normal to me so far (but I don’t know enough to recognize if something is wrong). No error messages. I will use it later today, and see if it still works for me - will take some new IR photos.

I had this problem too when I tried to run v5.8 on Big Sur 11.1. I was running RT from the desktop, and it never launched. I checked the Console logs, and it didn’t crash; it just quit by itself. After moving it to the Applications folder, it launched fine.