Test of RawTherapee on MacOS 11.1 Big Sur

For those who have upgraded or purchased MacOS 11.1 Big Sur, there is a new build of RawTherapee dev branch. Please test and report any problems or general successes. If you think you have narrowed down a bug to RawTherapee (not just a packaging error), please search the github issues. https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues


RawTherapee must be installed into /Applications to launch.


Thanks so much for putting your time and effort in this! Everything seems to work fine on my MacBook. Haven’t encountered any problems, but have not used all the tools yet. Mostly getting to know the Local Adjustments tool for now. Amazing piece of software!

Hi, build is working in OS 11.1, however after editing I can not save the file to disk.

When clicking OK in the save window nothings happens (and I did not find any error message). If I put the image in the queue and try to save I get a message “unrepresentable character in conversion input”.

No problem in saving the processing profile. Also no problem in sending the image from RT for further development to darktable.

I can confirm this save issue. Did not notice it, as my standard workflow is to send my edited photo to GIMP for further editing.

Having a look- will try and downgrade gtk3.

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It seems more basic than gtk or even glib… could this be one of those std::string vs Glib::ustring conversion problems with iconv and the UTF-8 charset? @heckflosse I think you might have helped me with that in the past on a mac issue.