Lighttable Import (Linux) Error Opening Directory

Problem started when DT 2.4 would not launch (used to work). Deleted 2.4 and installed 2.6.2 (Linux).

Import gives me the following message:

Could not read the contents of media
Error opening directory ‘/media’: Permission denied

The photos are on a separate drive (BaseData).
My files are in ‘media/base/BaseData/Photos’. I downloaded the files using Rapidphoto Downloader. Geeqie has no problem reading the files.

What Linux distribution are you using? Is this perhaps a snap package?

xubuntu 16.04

Is the darktable package a deb, a flatpaks, or a snap?


I can get a little further now. Went into ubuntu Software manager installed packages and updated permissions for Darktable. Darktable now shows media/base but only external devices under base, not basedata.

I’m not certain about the snap, but keep trying to add permissions to the snap.

Could not find info on adding permissions to a snap. Gimp is a snap and it allows access to where I want to go.
16.04 is at the end of it’s life so I am going to try upgrading to 18.04.

Each snap has its own sandboxing rules. I’m not sure about snaps much more than that. If I find a free moment, I’ll try and have a look.

Wasn’t there just very recently a similar sandboxing issue somewhere here?

… sorry for being lazy, I’m on GMT+7 and need to get some sleep now :wink:

I meant this one

I’m ready to go back to Windoz. Upgraded to 18.04 and lost video drivers for nvidia graphics card. Had to use terminal commands to load drivers. This is ridiculous, graphics card should be automatically detected. Then I had to resort to more Dr. Google to get instructions to get Darktable to load correctly. In windowz all I do is click on an executable and any program will install easily. Rant over.

I can now see all my drives.

This worked:
$ wget -nv -O Release.key
sudo apt-key add - < Release.key
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install darktable

Just wait until Windoze does a forced reboot to install a new spyware update while you are in the middle of something critical. YMMV.

Hey there, snap maintainer here.

The snap is strictly confined, which means you need to connect the removable-media interface to give the snap permission to utilize things in /media/ or /mnt/. You can do that with the following command:

$ sudo snap connect darktable:removable-media

Why would you assume you know where all of us have photos stored for processing. I dont understand why ?

I used DT on mint 19.1, and now on 19.2 mint you are telling me where my data is.
Is this right?

Im not sure I like the snap concept anyway. Now I’m struggling to use DT in a snapd format.

Done that and no progress.

If a snap app is confined who tells the dev team where we store data.

Nobody is assuming anything. This is how the snap confinent model works.

Then don’t use it. Nobody is forcing you to do so. Mint supports flatpak out-of-the-box or you can use the Ubuntu PPA.

I am not saying Im being forced to do a thing. Its inconvenient that the confinement is limiting in conception.

I think I’m liking flatpack even less

I think I’ll dump snap and flatpak and use DT in win 10 and wait for an appimage version to surface.

My main problem is DT wont open in mint 19.2, stopped on 19.1. I need it, but cant allow a bloat app version to completely change my workflow.

I have not used windows for any critical work for 10yrs.

What OS you use is your choice.

There are people here that’ll help you, but you need to provide way more detail and have a positive attitude.