Local Lab build

I just push a new change to “locallab branch”.

Now I have add “curve mode” to locallab.
Currently this only applies to the Retinex curve, which was previously global.

The system is a bit complex, but it works and moreover I think (except may be for the new module “curve” … to check) that the set is more robust

Probably, I will add another curve Luminance according to luminance L=f(L)…or another If you tell me which


I have update, Rawpedia (in french)

Hi @jdc,
In Local Lab, when using Lightness with Inverse checked, it won’t darken the area to total black if you set it to something like -100. I think in older versions you could set it to -100 and get 100% black. Is it possible to fix this?

I’ll solve that with the next change.


Many thanks I will test. I asked this question before, why was this not included in the main branch?


Sorry but I looked in the link here Download RawTherapee development builds and the last build was 12/22. Where can I get your newest build?

Many thanks

Hey @dellaaa

Delivering RT5 version even without this huge improvement is already a lot of work for the devs. So I think it will be included once RT5 is out and this branch is enough mature and tested.

So your second question :slight_smile:

I don’t build all rawtherapee git branches. I only build a branch when somebody ask for and/or when I am aware of changes on this branch. So except for master and gtk3 branches, it is not done on regular basis.

As Jacques wrote

Can I wait for this change to build?

Yes you can :slight_smile:

I will push a change tomorrow :slight_smile:

I just push a change with

  1. inverse lightness as ask by Dngimage
  2. many bugs solved
  3. I have add (with many difficulties!!) a curve L=f(L) for each control point - for “color and light”. To activate this curve, you must have “lightness” or “chrominance” different of zero (0).

Excuse my bad english !

edit 17/01/13:windows 32 and 64 locallab 4.2.1328 builds uploaded.

Thanks @jdc :slight_smile:

I still don’t get 100% black but it darkens more than before. I find this very useful to darken areas in an image. Also, one note, *.mip from previous versions need to be deleted or it will crash, but I think we know that. One suggestion: it would be nice to collapse some of the taps in the Local Lab menu area. It is getting crowded there.

Votre anglais est bon, mieux que mon français! :slight_smile:

I just push a change.

I have update GUI with expanders. Now you can hide or show commands.
You can also - enabled or disabled each family (color , retinex, sharp, etc.). But this choice is for all Control points.

I have slightly change the code for dark in inverse mode. For sliders = -100 ==> L = 0. But we are in Lab* mode and you saw chroma, If you want a dark - black image, you must change chrominance, near zero.


Great work!

I push a change.

It fixed the crash (in some cases) when using curve L=f(L).
To activate curve, you must have “lightness different from 0”

I hope this time, it’s the good :slight_smile:

I recommand to clean cache and delete *.mip files…It’s probably useless, but …


W64 locallab 4.2.1328 builds uploaded.

André, merci

If I try LocalLAB RT crashes immediately.
Without using LocalLAB it works.

Version RawTherapee64 4.2.1329 ou précédente
Windows 10 Famille version 1607
Processeur Intel(R) Core™ i3 5005U CPU 2.00 GHZ 64 bits


Did you clean the cache and deleted all *.mip files from the older versions?
Try also creating a new PP3 with the new version.
Sometimes old PP3 and MIP files can cause problems.
I hope this helps.


I have update GUI with expanders. Now you can hide
or show commands.

I’ve noticed that when you exit RT and come back later, it “forgets” to keep some of the options in the expanders hidden. It always shows all the options under Local Lab.