Local Lab build

(Desmis) #81

André, merci

Je viens d’ajouter un bouton “Reset” pour mettre au valeurs par défaut, le Point de contrôle courant


To be sure I will wait tomorrow evening to make a new build.:wink:

(dngimage) #83

Thanks @gaaned92 :slight_smile:

I gave it a quick try before leaving home and
RawTherapee_WinVista_64_release_locallab_4.2.1274.zip crashes when saving. And yes, I deleted the *.mip files.

Here is how to reproduce the crash:

  • Load a raw image
  • Activate Local Lab (one control point)
  • Set Radius to 20 (under Blur & Noise)
  • Check Inverse (under Blur & Noise)

Save as a TIFF (16-bit), RT Local Lab crashes.
Sorry no image nor PP3 for an example… traveling now…

(Desmis) #84


Thank you for testing :slight_smile:

I just push a change that solve this bug.

Probably for others “inverse”, there is the same problem. I will solved tomorrow :slight_smile:

(dngimage) #85

Jacques, merci. Joyeux Noël.

(Desmis) #86

@gaaned92 @dngimage

I push a change.

I think now, all “Inverse” bugs are fixed :slight_smile:


@dngimage @jdc thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile: Desmis I am trying to equalize skin tones between people’s faces. Now with lockable colour picker it’s much more accurate. A tool in your local branch I’m missing is l.a.b curves… do you think it’s possible to introduce it? Thanks for you passion and hard work ! :slight_smile:

(Desmis) #88

It is obvious that the curves would be a clear improvement, but currently I do not know how to write and read data curves in a text file (mip).
Of course I can put a curve, but the setting will be the same for all control points, which is not very good.


Windows 64 locallab 4.2.1288 uploaded in my RT W64 drive

(Morgan Hardwood) #90

To simplify finding new build for users (and for me too), I created this: Download RawTherapee development builds
@gaaned92 could you use it? Let me know if you can edit it.


And for me too it is a simplification.:slight_smile:.
I can edit it. Do you think I should list the available builds (branch, version)?

(Morgan Hardwood) #92

If you like! That’s what I first did, but then I thought you wouldn’t want to, so I edited it and just pointed to your gdrive… It’s wonderful enough that you provide builds at all, so if you feel like taking the time to link to each individual build, that would be the cherry on the cake.


Thanks for the build, I installed it and I will test it out.

One question why was local edits removed from the main build, I assume there were errors??

(Desmis) #94

I just push a new change to “locallab branch”.

Now I have add “curve mode” to locallab.
Currently this only applies to the Retinex curve, which was previously global.

The system is a bit complex, but it works and moreover I think (except may be for the new module “curve” … to check) that the set is more robust

Probably, I will add another curve Luminance according to luminance L=f(L)…or another If you tell me which


(Desmis) #95

I have update, Rawpedia (in french)

(dngimage) #96

Hi @jdc,
In Local Lab, when using Lightness with Inverse checked, it won’t darken the area to total black if you set it to something like -100. I think in older versions you could set it to -100 and get 100% black. Is it possible to fix this?

(Desmis) #97

I’ll solve that with the next change.



Many thanks I will test. I asked this question before, why was this not included in the main branch?



Sorry but I looked in the link here Download RawTherapee development builds and the last build was 12/22. Where can I get your newest build?

Many thanks


Hey @dellaaa

Delivering RT5 version even without this huge improvement is already a lot of work for the devs. So I think it will be included once RT5 is out and this branch is enough mature and tested.

So your second question :slight_smile:

I don’t build all rawtherapee git branches. I only build a branch when somebody ask for and/or when I am aware of changes on this branch. So except for master and gtk3 branches, it is not done on regular basis.

As Jacques wrote

Can I wait for this change to build?