Local Lab build

(Sebastien Guyader) #41

I’m not a specialist in this, but I guess you can give a separate destination folder for RT Local Lab during installation. But it will use the same options file, and more importantly the same pp3’s, so be careful not to mix things much. If you plan to use the Local Lab version on some images, it may be better to copy these files in a separate folder.

(Morgan Hardwood) #42

You can do that, as long as the person who made the LocalLab build used a different cache and options suffix.
Do remember that your PP3 files from the LocalLab build are not compatible with any other branch and will probably not be supported in the future. i.e. treat PP3s from the LocalLab build as temporary files, not something you can return to in a future version of RT (unless in the future you use the same old version you’re using now).

(Cyril LAPORTE) #43

Hi all,
Thanks for the build.
I know it’s a not stable branch, but I just want to point out that I can’t escape from fullscreeen mode (F11).
I had to close RT & reopen to fix it.

(todd) #44

Thanks for this. I think I will resist the temptation, since it seems like this is not a tool that’s going to ever get merged.

(Morgan Hardwood) #45

I didn’t say it won’t get merged, I wrote that the PP3 files are not compatible across branches. The last time locallab was merged with master was on June 18 2016, so all the improvements and additions to master since then are missing from locallab.

(Sebastien Guyader) #46

Here’s the latest build of the Local Lab branch (4.2.1121).
Look there for the recent changes.

(Morgan Hardwood) #47

“locallab” had the changes from “master” merged into it 3 days ago, and Jacques improved how the local-lab feature works, so what I wrote above mostly does not apply anymore for now if you use SGuyader’s latest build.

(Cyril LAPORTE) #48

Yep, but we just wait for a RT 5 GTK 3 locallab build :slight_smile:
Note : you know I’m kidding, right !

Just to be clear, this version won’t see the pp3’s photos you have treated with other versions. At least; it’s my case.

(Morgan Hardwood) #49

“locallab” build 92aead8 (version 4.2.1121 but that commit hash tells us much more) is fully capable of reading PP3 files from “master”. You can see this by checking https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/network
That graph shows that the only changes which went into “master” since the time “master” was last merged into “locallab” were things which do not affect the tools. So as long as your “locallab” build can find the PP3 files which your “master” build created, you can use them.

(Cyril LAPORTE) #50

I looked in old folders. So I was pretty sure this pp3 were “masters”. Maybe I already had a GTK3 test build…
I’ll double check !

(Desmis) #51

I just push “merge with master”, so “locallab” is at the same level as “master”.

There is still a bug :slight_smile:

if you use locallab with color-picker (great tool!), you can see the interactions in the selected area

(Andrew) #52

Thanks for the continuing development and builds. Here’s a candid I sneaked earlier today, 1/60 f5.6 iso1250. I used LocalLab on the woman’s head and hands.

(Fabio D'Alessandro) #53

Great work! I love this feature, i think it’s very useful. I try your build, I hope that changes will be in next release.
There is a bug in the version 4.2.1121. If i try tu add more than 5 control point RT crash.

There is a debug versione?

(Sebastien Guyader) #54

I haven’t made a debug build, but I’ll try to make one soon.

(Sebastien Guyader) #55

@Fabiodalez Here’s the latest Local Lab debug build: https://filebin.net/xflbgi165tk8ij2m

(Fabio D'Alessandro) #56

@sguyader, Thank you so much. I’ll give a try ASAP.

(dngimage) #57

Where is the latest RawTherapee Local Lab version for Win32 and Win64?

Does it or will it have a selection lasso tool like the one here:

A lot easier than using the Control Points to select the subject.

Local Lab is my favorite RawTherapee version.
Thanks guys for the great work!


Which version are you using? The last ones I’m aware of are 4.2.1263 (32) and 4.2.1263 (64)

(dngimage) #59

I don’t see the Local Lab Win32 version there, got the latest Local Lab Win64 one.
Thanks @DenB!

(Ingo Weyrich) #60

I agree for the subject, but how about a subject? Still easier in every case?