Localization - How To Translate RawTherapee and RawPedia

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P.S. I deleted your email address from the above post so that you don’t get spam.


Thanks for the address
I have a problem with RawPedia pages. It seems the View History tab doesn’t show any more the older modifications. To update the French pages, I need to know all the modifications since the last update.
Example: “The Image Editor Tab”, my last update in the French page is September 2016. In the English View History tab, the older reported modification is November 2016, I may lost modifications made between September and November 2016.
How can I fetch older modifications?

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@lebarhon only the contents of RawPedia were transferred during the migration to the much faster server, not the change history.


Thanks, It’s a shame but will do without it.


Some more questions.
There is a new page “Dynamic processing profiles” but there is no link in the main page, is that intentional, is it to soon to translate ?
I have RawTherapee 5.0 installed, but the “Preferences” screen has no “Dynamic profile Rules” tab, did I miss something ?
RawPedia “Preferences/Color Management Tab/Rendering Intent” still deals with “Perceptual” and “Saturation”, whereas my RawTherapee 5.0 has only Relative and Absolute Colorimetric. Where is the mistake ?
What to do with “Wavelets” English and French versions are both separately updated, we have now two originals.


Sorry, I found the page “Dynamic processing profiles” . Forget it

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I removed “Saturation”, it’s not used in RT and the description was incorrect.

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I translated the French Wavelets article into English a long time ago, but then RT’s Wavelets implementation changed and now the two pages are very different. I will merge the two again at some point, but only once the “newwaveletgtk3” branch is merged, not before.


If you need help to do the translation French > English, may be I could help you, just ask.
lebarhon at free dot fr


No, you removed “Saturation”

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That’s what I meant. Post edited.


In “Noise Reduction” page, I don’t understand why there is a section 2.6 Quality that repeats the first sentence of the section 2.2 Quality. I think it is an error.

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There is something wrong in http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_get_Nikon_ICM_profiles second sentence, it is written “Behind the scenes, both programs generate ICC profiles …” but 3 of them are cited: Capture NX-D, Capture NX 2 and ViewNX-i.

What is the status of Retinex ? Will it be merged with Wavelet ? The French page is more a theory lesson than a how to.


Hi to all,

I wanted to say sorry, that I screamed here with the german translation and then didn’t do anything. Sadly, work and private life suddenly rolled over me and I just couldn’t find time to do something.
100 thumbs up to @fherb for doing so much on the translation, and a sorry also to him for not answering his last email.

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Hey @Morgan_Hardwood and others,
since the German translation on RawPedia isn’t publicaly (is that English?) linked yet, i figured out it could use some help. :slight_smile:
To my person: I’m rather a noob in programming, but as I want(ed) to contribute to OpenSource I’ve done the German translations for Muonium (sorry for the ad ;)) and before that I have done (and am still doing) some translation work for Wikipedia/MediaWiki/Metawiki. I’ve discovered RawTherapee a few days ago and think it’s great, so I want(ed) to contribute to it, too…
That’s why I’m here.
@fherb: If you don’t mind I’d like to help you with the German translation :smiley: (I could/would like to do some English->German translations if that’s OK)

EDIT: Account requested

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Great, account confirmed. Please coordinate with @fherb and any other active German translators, so that no toes are stepped on.

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@Morgan_Hardwood Yay! :slight_smile: Btw: I don’t know how others see it, but imho a enabled translation plugin would be great and would save a lot of time. See here: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Translate

EDIT: For some reason the sites on RawPedia are protected, to edit them I’d need either the Administrator or trusted group

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Now you can make edits.

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@Morgan_Hardwood I can’t be sure I’m not dumb, but I can’t log in to RawPedia… It says there is no user called N3tt3rm4n. Could it be you used a backup?
Should I send a new user request now?