Localization - How To Translate RawTherapee and RawPedia

(Morgan Hardwood) #41

@N3tt3rm4n strange, your account is not there… Have you made any changes?

(N3tt3rm4n) #42

@Morgan_Hardwood After the server problem no changes…
But the things I’ve done on RawPedia like create discussion at Main_Page/de are gone, that’s why I thought of an old backup…

(Morgan Hardwood) #43

@N3tt3rm4n it turns out that your account was created at the same time as the database was being migrated to a new server, and somehow the automated backup system failed for a certain period of time (I don’t know yet how long as I don’t run the server, hopefully a few days max), which means that up to a few days’ worth of everyone’s edits were lost :frowning:
That means you would need to register for an account again… I hope this doesn’t discourage you from contributing - this is the first time we’ve had data loss and will do our best to prevent it from happening again.

(Pat David) #44

This is entirely my fault. I didn’t set read-only access to the wiki while the migration was going on, and it just happened to coincide with some activity. :frowning:

I’m super sorry and won’t let it happen again. :slight_smile:

(N3tt3rm4n) #45

@patdavid @Morgan_Hardwood No problem, as long you know what was the error everything’s ok :slight_smile: Account requested

(Morgan Hardwood) #46

Account approved.

(Frank Herbrand) #47

Hello at all!

I found this mail in the SPAM folder. Thats bad.

In case of important content, please contact me at herbrand@gmx.de!

Best regards, Frank

(Aleix Vidal Gaya) #48

Hello, I want to contribute in the Catalan translation of RawPedia (mainly) and also in updating and maintaining the RawTherapee translation to Catalan.

I’m a member of www.softcatala.org, a non-profit that helps the Catalan community to have a lot of software and mobile apps in our language. I’ve translated and helped in translations of other apps and software, like Gnome, Telegram, Makeblock, Scribus, MIUI…

Can you accept my request to edit RawPedia?


(Morgan Hardwood) #49

Hello @leixet

Good to have you on board. Your account is confirmed.

Please use “/ca” for the Catalonian translations, e.g. copy page “foo” to “foo/ca” and translate.

A good first step would be to update the RawTherapee translation before starting with RawPedia.
Here is our very outdated Catala translation: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/blob/dev/rtdata/languages/Catala
Refer to the guide at the beginning of this thread on how to proceed.

(Morgan Hardwood) #50

I updated the guide at the beginning of this thread.

(Aleix Vidal Gaya) #51

Perfect! I will start with RawTherapee too! But, as I’m reading the
documentation in rawpedia for instructing myself, I thought it will be easy
to translate it as I read it.

Is there anybody contributing to Catalan translation?

(Morgan Hardwood) #52


(Morgan Hardwood) #53

You (plural) can help.

All of our interface label translation files are very old. Over time, many of the original English strings in the ‘default’ file which those translation are based on have changed, so that even if a translation in a given language has some strings translated, those strings might be incorrect.

We need your help doing two things:

  1. Compare the already translated line in a translation file against the same line in the default file and update as necessary.
  2. Translate the not-yet-translated lines.

See the first post for an explanation of how to go about it.

(Digital Pix) #54

Dear Morgan

The Brazilian Portuguese translation is very outdated, it was made in 2010.
I believe it’ll be more productive to redo all the work, because just 412 lines (from 2219) had been translated.

Best regards

(Morgan Hardwood) #55

@Digital_Pix I agree, because probably many of the already translated lines may have changed in their original English form, so the translations could be outdated and incorrect. Are you willing to take on that task?

(Digital Pix) #56

Yes, I am. I’ve already downloaded the default file and created a new one translate to Brazilian Portuguese.

I’m also requesting an account registration on RawPedia to start translating it to Brazilian Portuguese.

(Digital Pix) #57

Please correct line 379 of the default.
The correct is “HISTORY_MSG_130;Auto distortion correction”

(Morgan Hardwood) #58

Thank you, fixed.

In order to avoid more started-and-abandoned translations, let’s wait with that until the RT interface labels file is translated first.

(Digital Pix) #59

Dear Morgan, here are the translation of 812 lines from the default file to Brazilian portuguese. I am going to a trip now. I’ll resume the translation in three weeks.Portugues (Brasil)1.txt (125.1 KB)

(Morgan Hardwood) #60

@Digital_Pix great! Translation updated, looking forward to the rest. Enjoy your trip!