Localization - How To Translate RawTherapee and RawPedia

(Morgan Hardwood) #61

Line 788 had an error on it, I fixed it and committed it.

Sincronize o Navegador de Arquivos ou a Tira de filme com o Editor para revelar a miniatura da imagem aberta no momento e limpe os filtros ativos.\nAtalho: <b>x</b>\n\nComo acima, mas sem limpar os filtros ativos:\nAtalho: <b>y</b>\n(Observe que a miniatura da imagem aberta não será mostrada se estiver filtrada).

(Mr Awazon) #62

I’d like to help tanslating UI and RawPedia into Japanese (I was doing so till 2015 and want to restart). I start with UI. The most translation has been finished already and just I have to do a bit more along with the latest file. But would you tell me how to download the file?

(Morgan Hardwood) #63

Hey @mr_awazon / firefly

We spoke a few days ago, in G+ and somewhere else, maybe IRC.

Since you say you already updated most of the translation, I’m a bit confused by what you mean here. If you mean the latest English file called default, then see the first post in this thread for a direct link to it. But you should have been using this file the whole time - I hope you weren’t updating the default file from 2015…?