Looking for Name Ideas

(Pat David) #1

I have a request. For a while now we’ve been continuing the fun tradition from the RawTherapee folks of having [PlayRaw] posts to share raw files for everyone to process and share their results and workflows.

I had some ideas around the other parts of photgraphy, such as actually taking photographs as well. :slight_smile: What I am lacking is a name. So - if we were to have shoot ideas for people to go out and work on based around a theme of some sort (could be anything really), what would be a fun/good name to describe it?

Some off-the-cuff ideas:

  • [Play]
  • [Capture]
  • [Shoot]
    … ?

Respond with some ideas!

(Gord) #2

I guess it all depends on what sorts of things you envision happening under this category or tag.

I’m making the big assumption that there is a parallel to PlayRaw, where everyone takes the same raw image and takes a shot at processing it. The “task” is processing.

The most similar concept I can think of would be to give a challenge to capture some type of scene/object, and everyone runs out to try to capture said type of scene/object and posts their results. For that, how about [Shootout]?

If you add a rule that submissions should be raw, this could go viral. Imagine one [Shootout] resulting in 20-30 raw files, and some number of those going on to be [PlayRaw] inputs. Sounds like fun! And great practice for those of us who are somewhat less experienced.

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(Mica) #3

I’ll add to the off the cuff word ideas:

  • vision quest
  • composition
  • capture contest
  • click it!
  • frame theme
  • slide show
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(Pat David) #4

My thoughts here were sort of open-ended and not necessarily tied to something like providing raw files. This is more of having some sort of theme put forward that folks could spend some time shooting around. For instance, one could say “close up” as a general theme, and see how it gets interpreted by everyone, with everyone posting their results (not necessarily having to post raws also).

Someone could go further to make an interesting shooting challenge. I have an idea to focus on something like having 5 shots that represent your overall impression of a thing best, framed as 5 panorama-cropped images and stacked together. (I would do a drawing to sort of get my point across, but I’ll probably posit it as a first pass at this idea anyway).


Nice idea,

either [play task] in order to keep the play in the name, so all the games could be named some kind of play…

Or more open [creative cuisine]

Or [brain brawl]

Or [capture rapture]

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Hm… It has to be unique (as a search term) but meaningful.

  1. [JumpShot]
  • [TrickShot]
  • [Run&Gun]
  • [OutShoot]
  • [OutPlay]
  • [PlayCam]
  • [PlayTest]
  • [Stop&Play]
  • [pixlsPlay]
  • [pxPlay]
  • [pxChallenge]

1-3 use sports terms to evoke spectacle, motion and creativity.
4-5 use the out from outdoors and outdo to evoke adventure, challenge and competition.
5-7 use play to associate it with PlayRaw to evoke fun and experimentation.

Edit: More punny goodness.
8 references to PlayRaw, a stop of exposure or a stop bath.
9-10 refers to PlayRaw and the website’s name.
11 another take on @paynekj’s suggestion.

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Since, like in PlayRaw, I expect a hint of competition, could we call that a shoot-off?

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(Andrew) #8

I suggest something a bit different! - [GOATSTINK]
This stands for Go Out And Take Some Top Images Nifty Kindred.


@patdavid I have some ideas that may or may not be good.

Idea #1
People tend to share shots that are well-composed with a well-placed and isolated subject. What if there was a challenge where we take an obscure or unusual shot of a subject and have people guess what or where it is? It might be lots of fun because the world is such a big place with endless possibilities.

Of course, there would have to be rules so that people play fair; e.g., no machine learning or digital forensics allowed. There is also the problem of someone making a good guess right away.

Idea #2
PlayRaw titles are often captions in and of themselves. How about a caption contest where someone posts a photo or series of photos for people to caption? This might need some moderation if the captions get out of hand but I think this community can manage to be civil.

Idea #3
Opposite of Idea #2: reverse caption contest. Someone provides the caption and people take photos that in their opinion capture the spirit of the caption.

Edit: Idea #4
@Ofnuts’s profile picture is a USB connector that also looks like a face. How about challenges where people take photos of things that resemble something else, like a face. I had loads of fun doing that as a teenager.

@RawConvert I almost shared an acronym as well in my first post, but it wasn’t as creative as yours :stuck_out_tongue:. You should rename your username to GOATSTINK. I dare you :rofl:.

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I suggest something a bit different! - [GOATSTINK]

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::sweat_smile::grin: absolutelly brilliant!!! Maybe with an “Y”

GOATSINK :goat::8ball: GOATSYNK :goat::desert_island: GOATSYNC :goat::checkered_flag: GOATZILL(a) :goat::camera::avocado::t_rex:

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(farid) #11

A play on @paperdigits ideas:

[Pixls Photo Quest]
[Frame It!]



not very inspired atm :stuck_out_tongue:

(Immanuel Wilhelmy) #12

I would simply call it [photography]

(Thomas) #13

How about [PlayLight]?

(Kevin Payne) #14

You could call it [DPChallenge], because that’s what you’re describing: http://www.dpchallenge.com/

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That definitely sounds NSFW. :smiley:

(Gord) #16

Pretty close, if we implemented voting.


No more NSFW than :smiley:.

If I were to use the word challenge, I would name it [pxChallenge]. Adding it to my growing list of suggestions above.

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(Pat David) #18

I love the ideas so far, keep them coming. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t really thinking of a “contest” personally - more of a fun way to consider expanding how we look at photography and maybe challenging ourselves (thematically, composition, etc).

This absolutely doesn’t preclude you nerds from posting challenges and even setting up polls to vote… :wink:

For years at elysiun.com (now blenderartists.org) they have been holding Weekend Challenges, with the winner each round picking the theme from the next. I have been holding off on doing something like this until we had enough members to support something like this and make it fun - if someone thinks it might be fun to do I fully support it.

What do y’all (southern patois, sorry) think? Should we also start up a monthly or weekly challenge?

(Mica) #19

I think it’d need to be monthly to get enough participants and good results!

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(Gord) #20

:+1: Contests are very subjective.

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