Losing the red and gold "glow" in fall colors.

My current workflow:
Look at JPG
Apply a style that I made once a long time ago that looked sorta like the jpg.
Further tweaks for another hour.
Throw keyboard.
Why do I do this to myself? I need to use this tool more so I actually retain the information. Sigh.

Anyways — Fall colors! Or, forests, in general.
I lose the red “glow” and everything comes out with the green instead. I cannot figure out what module I have done wrong that is stripping out this red? Gold? I don’t even know what it is called to describe it.
edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (13.3 KB)
edited_without_glow.ORF (15.0 MB)

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My edit



Without looking too much for the JPG, this would be my edit:

edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (10.0 KB)

Regarding greenish tint:

CC sets itself to D (daylight) for this photo, which has never worked for me and also gives a green tint in your case. Try as shot, which should reduce a bit of the tint.


Further correction could be done in rgb primaries and color balance.


For some reason, there is a slight difference in your sidecar file that doesnt seem to show up in “active modules”. Its tiny, but definitely there.

Thank you for the tip on “As shot”, i can definitely see a small upgrade there.
Also, “contrast equalizer” is a totally new module for me! I look at yours and see no changes, but when i apply it to mine, there are changes. New module, new learning! But I like it.

Sorry, I’m using dev builds from master. This might create some incompatibilities between our versions.

However, my xmp loaded fine in latest 4.6.0 release (just came out these days, shouldn’t be too far apart from dev).

This is the outcome of 4.6.0:
edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (9.9

If your version is older, I may have used stuff you are missing.

Strange. Maybe related to the point above. :person_shrugging:

edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (13.6 KB)


edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (22.9 KB)


darktable 4.6

edited_without_glow_02.ORF.xmp (22.8 KB)


edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (11.6 KB)

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Also you can let CC correct as usual and then change the drop down to custom… This gives you the correction in hue and chroma… It often looks a bit over corrected in CC so just selecting custom and slowly dropping the chroma can let you bring back a bit of the color in the lighting can also be a way to go…

edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (12.2 KB)

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Hi Jake!
I think your issue is partly down to white balance, (color calibration) as @apostel338 mentioned above, but also partly down to missing the secret sauce from the jpeg. :wink:

You basically need to get more red and less green/blue into the reddish parts of the image.
A simple approach is to apply a parametric mask and use color balance rgb to add more orange… I used a color picker to check the mask wasn’t affecting the skin of the couple too much.
edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (7.0 KB)

Alternatively… you can also use the new rgb primaries module to tweak colours. I think I might have pushed the skin tones a bit too far though.
edited_without_glow_01.ORF.xmp (9.1 KB)

P.S. I’m still running a late build of 4.5 - I think it should all carry over to the new 4.6 release… hopefully.


Golden autumn mood with soft textures:

edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (17,0 KB)


It is interesting how much detail your camera JPG loses:


A filmic render:

edited_without_glow_01.ORF.xmp (10.2 KB)


I own an Olympus TG6 and I agree with @kofa that so much detail is lost in the OOC jpg. Also sometimes the secret herbs and spices used by Olympus in processing colors can be difficult to replicate. On the very rare occassion I actually prefer the color of the JPG over what I have been able to achieve, but 99% of the time I am blown away by how much better a job I can do.

With your image I opened it and applied my standard picture style that included denoise (profiled), some sharpening options in diffuse or sharpen module and WB set to as shot in camera in the color calibration module. The last one is the most important for you. If you are chasing the JPG look then it is only sensible to use the white balance as set by camera.

However, I decided to do some additional playing with saturation and contrast in the color balance RGB module and I used the new primaries module to increase the purity of the red and green channels. I did the red channel deliberately about twice as much as the green channel because this would be equivalent to increasing saturation of the oranges in the scene. Every thing is personal taste but I like the warm autumn look of my edit. I will only ever get frustrated if I chase the look of a JPG out of the camera. I also say that if that is the look you like then why not use it. About one percent of the time I will do that with my Olympus when it has done some magic with colors that I can’t replicate. It doesn’t make the OOC jPG more accurate but sometimes just more pleasing.


edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (11.6 KB)


Quick play with the image… love the colors… relative and perceptual renders…

edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (13.4 KB)


Tbh, I like your original edit best. I’d just slightly increase the saturation and turn the white balance towards warm colors. Possibly a touch of contrast and viola.

Maybe @Priort had tweaked the best ‘fall colors’, but then again everything (skin tones) is slightly going the reddish side.

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Gave it a try using RawTherapee

edited_without_glow_RT-2.jpg.out.pp3 (14.7 KB)

My version…

edited_without_glow.ORF.xmp (21.1 KB)

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Ya a bit of a slash and burn edit… no masks…
for sure you would have to pay attention to skin tones when you mess with those colors… and I didn’t :grin:

Ah yes. Such detail you can see my scalp through the hair. I new this would happen to me eventually, but it hurts…

I think this is the main reason I try to “recreate” the OOC jpegs. I like the color and image, but when I load it into darktable, I can immediately see how much detail is gone!

Your “diffuse” module did something I have been trying to identify for a long time. At least now I know the module that I need to work on for that effect!

I have added this RGB primaries to my list. The capability isn’t new, but the way it presents the UI – It makes more sense now.

Basically a wizard.