Mac OS Compatibility with Darktable versions

Hello All: I’m currently using an older Mac computer using: High Sierra: Mac OSX 10.13.6. Will any of the Darktable versions work with my Mac OS? I have a lot of IPhone 13 Pro Raw images that I can not open on my current version of Photo Shop (CS3) and Bridge. I’m so frustrated trying to find a software that will allow me to open my Apple Pro Raw images. I’m ready to stop using the Iphone of shooting any new photos because of this. I hope someone will tell me I have a chance with opening the DMG images. The current Darktable documentation really does not really say about using Mac OS prior to 10.14. Look forward to your replies and comments. Thanks

Hi, and welcome! Unfortunately darktable does not support Apple Pro Raw at this moment either.

There is “work in progress” patch if you are able to build from source.

Don’t know the status, but you could also try ART or RawTherapee.

Btw, you can always convert these to more widely supported DNGs using the Adobe DNG Converter.

for a build process of current darktable release for 10.13 see: Last darktable version to support macOS High Sierra (10.13)?
seems to be quite challenging, so don’t hold your breath

You can use adobe raw converter for that.