Mac RT advanced feature test metadata-exiv2

1. WHO - macOS RawTherapee 5.9+ advanced feature testers

2. WHAT - A new folder with macOS .dmg containing a build of the metadata-exiv2 branch

3. WHEN - Currently

4. WHERE - In this shared iCloud folder: :link:

5. WHY - Metadata for many new and various camera and imaging equipment (eg. CR3) is now recognized in metadata-exiv2
6. HOW - This branch changes the way metadata is read by RT under the hood.
  1. Caveats: lensfun works ok, with reasonable limitations. For example, exiv2 can read that this is from an R7, and is stating which Sigma lens is on, but the equipment is still too new for lensfun, which did not match anything automatically.

photo by Dave Goldberg