MacOS Build : removing darktable Quarantine attribute (Workflow)


For those who are using darktable (or any unsigned application) on MacOS, and using unsigned version of darktable: MacOs is adding a quarantine attribute to new files as the permission bits (linux users know them as the -rwxrwxrwx permissions, MacOS uses extra bit on top of these).

To avoid using the command line I’m using an Automator workflow I created for that use.


  • unzip the attached file below
  • open a Finder and navigate to you home directory and Library/Services/ directory (/Users//Library/Services or ~/Library/Services)
  • move “Remove Quarantine.workflow” file in that directory
  • that’s all


  • Open the virtual disk dmg file, and move darktable to the main Applications/ folder or your home Applications/ folder
  • Navigate to the install folder
  • right click on darktable, and select “Remove Quarantine” from the Quick Actions menu
  • that’s all. Workflow will execute and display 2 notifications.

This Workflow works for any files and applications (RAWTherapee, Gimp, Digikam…)

If you can’t see your home Library directory, using Finder navigate to your home directory, open “display/Show display options” menu (CMD + J) and select “display Library directory”.

If you get an error running the workflow, the quarantine bit is already absent from the file.

Automator is an automation application built in MacOS. There is no need to download it :slight_smile:

Remove (142.2 KB)

Hope this helps

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