macOS is deprecating OpenGL and OpenCL, future of GIMP, Inkscape, Natron, and others?


Blender - Wait to see where market will go (
Godot Engine - Add Vulkan support and port to mac with MoltenVK (
GIMP? Inkscape? Natron? Hugin? Darktable? Rawtherapee? etc.

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Dual Boot Linux until abandoning macOS


I think at this point, in the perspective of graphics design using free software, we shouldn’t encourage userer buying mac.
Do you know why macOS for GIMP is not avialable in official site?

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While I am all for people using linux. Many users might not be able to do that. Especially in a professional environment. So this wasn’t really an useful comment.

More generally speaking this is an issue not sure for opensource but also for commercial programs. So we are all in the same boat and should work constructively in solving this challenge together. We are in the nice situation to have so many opensource projects on one platform here, all of them will run into similar issues and we can share solutions.

For the same positive attitude, I changed your post to a more respectful spelling.

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It seems to me Mac is already there. I’m a retired coder who sticks to a linux desktop at home but still uses a Mac laptop on the road. I could buy a linux laptop but I’m spending my fixed income on other things instead, like lenses.

Mac is already a PIA for someone who has time and skills invested in open source softwares. It has been for a long time now.

I’m slowly but surely evolving from former Mac fan to disgruntled and resentful occasional user. But I realize (as a software guy) I’m not the public-at-large. We’ll see what happens.

Someday somehow someway software vendors like Adobe and Autodesk will be forced to make Linux versions of their commercial softwares. Because the market demands it. Once that happens Apple and Microsoft will be wet toast.

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Mac has already made it very difficult to install software from so called “third party” sources (I.e., not the app store). You have to turn off some so called “security” features to do this, which involves some use of the terminal. IMO, this is where most “regular” users are lost already from using any open source alternatives on Mac. The situation on Windows is a little better, if not perfect either. I’m not saying FOSS should totally abandon Mac, but Apple is, IMO, purposefully making it difficult. Since various Linux OS are so easy to install, and since there are now more manufacturers than ever selling computers with Linux preinstalled, I think it only makes sense for FOSS development teams to put their major efforts towards the systems that will work best and attract the most users: Linux and Windows.

(PS. I regularly teach a university class that requires students to install several pieces of FOSS on their own laptops. Every semester, it’s the Mac computers that have the most issues just trying to get things installed. )

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Can we focus this thread on “how to implement GPU acceleration without OpenCL/OpenGL”?

Because the new APIs that you can use on OSX are also available for Linux/Windows. So this could actually benefit us on those platforms too.


Metal isn’t available on any other platforms though.

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Will Vulkan Compute be supported?


I don’t think they intend to support anything but Metal going forward.


IIRC, apple won’t support Vulkan but only Metal, so you have to make Vulkan and port it to macOS with MoltenVK.

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GNU/linux is profesional. Sure you referis to that in your work use mac, forced?

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I did not say linux can not be used in a professional environment. But I know quite a few artists who prefer to stay on Mac for their work. And they have tried hard to work on linux.

I won’t judge them about it. In the end everyone should work where they are happy.

And the discussion should not be about switching those people to linux, but if we want our tools to be available on mac as before. And if we can keep them fast speed wise to keep up with commercial tools.

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I used mac and does years happen me the same. Mac always tries to destroy the software libre

I what did was to migrate to gnu/linux and use (very little) virtualbox with macos or wine for the work.

Mac only sometimes abuses of opensource.

I do not say at all impossible is what I did and with a PPC

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Devs have just as much work with changes in the opensource eco system as they have with changes in commercial platforms. Just look how long it took many opensource projects to migrate to GTK3. or Qt5

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mac deprecated openGL As it wants to deprecated gcc (Fundamental base of his system)

This that say is truth want shortly that his compiler was BSD for one use a GPL

Mac = GPL -> BSD -> CopyRight

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And Mozilla would like to make clang the only compiler for Firefox?

clang in itself is a really good compiler suite.


clang-mp is insanely great when installed on macOS, as the Apple Clang has been stuck as a shadow of the distant past. Sorry :apple:. :laughing:

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No plans removing OpenCL support.

Inkscape? Hugin?

Neither uses OpenCL. So what’s your point? :slight_smile:

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Man, I wish I had a little time to learn how to make on OSX package of GIMP. I must check the downloads page at least twice a day. I know I could probably build one, but there’s already so much on my plate. If someone does make a DMG anytime soon; we should all give that person a hundred dollars each! I’m sure we all could do better supporting our favorite open projects.

No one should be without the GIMP… Not even on OSX!