magic lantern and quantity of picture styles

people, do you know if i install magic lantern on canon dslr, will i have more picture style options?

also, would it allow to sideload picture styles somehow, without having to use proprietary ‘eos utility’ that only works under windows or macos, but not on linux.

If I remember correctly, you can create custom picture styles in-camera. Magic Lantern forum does teach you how to add more entries and fine tune them. Do a search. Since Magic Lantern is side loaded via the SD card, there is little risk to trying it out. Of course, you have to turn on the boot flag, which may void your warranty, and to accept that using it may brick your camera; but catastrophic events are rare and usually reversible.

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thank you.
sorry for answering late, it takes time for me to find out what i want to answer.

i tried the search, and still i don’t understand - am i able to install/sideload more than 3 user defined picture styles?

i can customize those in camera, but i am not about this. there are three, only three user defined slots for picture styles.
i cannot install more. the canon application at least, doesn’t see more slots to install more styles.

so i was wondering if ML has some kind of solution for this, but as i understand - it doesn’t address this issue.

please correct me if i am wrong, i will be happy to be wrong on this issue.

Search or post in their forum: Magic Lantern Forum - Index. I don’t know or remember if it is possible to add more entry slots. Support and features also varies camera to camera.

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