Mappero Geotagger 1.9 released

Hi there!
This is to announce that version 1.9 of Mappero Geotagger has been released. Since the previously announced version, the changes introduced are the following:

  • Zooming with the mouse wheel now pivots on the mouse cursor
  • Prevent the same files to be added twice in the same session
  • Make HERE maps work again
  • Avoid sub-pixel smoothing of map tiles to improve readability
  • Set proper application icon for Linux window managers
  • Update About page for new site links
  • Handle pinch gesture for zooming
  • Handle wheel events on the image list
  • Increase the tile cache size to avoid issues on HighDPI displays
  • Improve item centering and zooming when adding geotagged photos

You can read the first, introductory post about the application here in the forum.

Happy geotagging! :slight_smile: