mask jumps when rotating (bug or function)

hello people

is this a bug or is there a function for this?

sometimes i have the problem that the masks jump over a certain area when i want to rotate them.

is this a function that I accidentally turn on? (keyboard command) or is this a sporadic bug.
I have also had this problem with older versions of Darktable.
restarting the program does not help either

attached is the *.xmp and the link to the image.

BNSF Train through the Columbia River Gorge_DSCF9471.RAF.xmp (12.9 KB)

That looks familiar…

This old bug might have been reintroduced, or something very similar:

It mentions ORF and ARW in the title, but is was a general issue and not limited to those two.

I fixed it for the gradient mask in current master. I forgot you could rotate ellipses as well. Please can you raise an issue

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Actually don’t worry I’m submitting a PR to fix it now (#8586).

FYI This usually happens (or is more noticeable) when you have a module that creates a large distortion on the image - in this case, presumably lens correction. My PR should improve the situation significantly but it still won’t be perfect if the image is heavily distorted (for example with the liquify module). In the meantime, you could try doing all of your masking with lens correction disabled, then enable it at the end of your editing session.

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The fix has now been merged and will be delivered in darktable 3.6.


many thanks :slight_smile: