Microsoft wants to buy GitHub for $2B ($7.5B, actually)

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Is this a good thing for the FOSS hosted by GitHub?

Fixed your title.

Did you know that Microsoft is one of the big opensource contributors in the mean time?

Thanks for fixing that. I was using the snarky spelling.
Apparently the OS behemoth wants to up Amazon with an acquisition.

I’m glad @CarVac voted twice :wink:

Microsoft is still Microsoft, they want to make money, they don’t heart Linux. Github would move onto Azure, get tied into all their other dev junk… Meh.

Mass migration to gitlab!


You are sure? did you check how much stuff they ported to linux lately? WSL?

Did you also check how many of our favorite opensource tools are supporting Windows?

People buy stuff all the time. Could be good or bad. Changing of the guard does shake up the status quo though.

Indeed, many tech giants contribute to open source and collaborate in wholesome ways with people outside of their own bubble.

Didn’t know that was possible. :slight_smile: You could totally rig the results in the next election. :joy:

Yes, they’ve ported all the stuff that is financially benificial to them. Their kernel patches were for azure, power shell on Linux? LOL. VS Code… A JavaScript ide. Meh. SQL server still costs $$$.

You can’t sit a windows server on the open internet these days!

powershell for linux is actually neat. powershell has many features that are super nice. (e.g. pipelines with real objects and not just strings.) but the important bit is that it allows cross platform scripting. which opens up linux for some windows based admins.

vscode is a general purpose IDE that uses JS for its own code. … did you know that Atom is basically the same? Not that I like electron as base, but there is plenty of other tools running on top of it nowadays.

I only voted once. You can select multiple options.

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I’ll admit that what I know about marketing, licencing and corporate decisions doesn’t add up to much of anything. What I do know is that using Windows as an OS was one headache after another. Paying for Norton antivirus that didn’t work was bad enough, then one day I accidentally deleted my recycle bin. I called and talked to some Microsoft guru who wanted to charge me some insane price to get it back, never telling me that I could do a factory reset for free. That was the end of the line. It was Linux from then on for me. They won’t earn my trust back, ever.


Nobody spends $2B on anything without wanting a good return on investment. For that reason, it’s bad news for FOSS. I voted Bad Idea.


I feel like it’s not as bad as it might seem at first glance. The licenses aren’t under attack, and honestly it’s not like GitHub isn’t a proprietary business built on a Free Software tech. They’re in it to make money. Let other folks pay for infrastructure costs here. :wink:

Any change too egregious would likely see a decent migration off the platform anyway (yay GitLab!).


That microsoft lost $2B it is necessary to migrate to gitlab (decentralised)

Just noticed Gimp went to GitLab, wonder why…

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Gimp went to GNOME’s own gitlab instance. Not :slight_smile:


MS brought Minecraft for $2.5B, github only $2B? But since then Minecraft is now full of microtransaction.

Actual value of github is reportedly between 2-5 gigabucks, so at $2B, microsoft would be making out.

Well, they bought it for 7.5 billion. Most of us think it’s a bad deal. So now what? Mass migration to GitLabs? How hard would that be? I’ like 20 repos in GitHub, a bunch of forks, and am a part of couple of institutional GitHub projects, as well as having my personal GitHub pages site… I might be so hooked into GitHub for some things that I can’t migrate them over.

Well, the poll was about $2B being a bad deal, not about $7.5B…