Microsoft wants to buy GitHub for $2B ($7.5B, actually)

It’s an interesting development, but weren’t Microsoft already the largest open source contributor to GitHub?
I wonder if this is V 2.0 of the famous ‘developers, developers, developers’ call. Microsoft lost the phone wars (unfortunately in my opinion, still love my Windows phone) due to a lack of apps. They’ve now launched full Windows 10 on ARM processors with emulation support for x86 applications, but native applications will run quicker. If the rumoured Andromeda device is going to succeed (and similar devices from other OEMs) they will need to have an arsenal of apps. Their cloud and edge computing efforts could also do with more developer support to take on AWS.

I guess time will tell. I am more worried about their acquisition of LinkedIn due to privacy concerns, but I’m not a developer so I don’t know what is at stake here.

Maybe on GitHub, but not to GitHub, as GitHub is a closed source application.

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Oh, I thought it was about it being a bad deal that Microsoft was buying GitHub at all.

Well, that could also be true, but then I wouldn’t have expect $2B in the topic title…

What is $7.5B? I deal in $10s and $20s IRL, and gold and brick in tabletop.

Since reading “showstopper” - a book about the development of NT4 - I can see why MS continually mess things up. They just can’t help it (that well known cartoon of org charts is probably accurate). I really hope they don’t start trying to shove onedrive/sharepoint/azure down everyone’s throats with this!

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Microsoft is acquiring GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock. Wonder how this will all play out. Any insider info?

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Not just bad … Terrible!

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  • I trust Microsoft
  • Migration
  • $7.5B??
  • What is GitHub?

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Well the poll was closed when Microsoft “admitted” it is ordering $7.5B worth of GitHub. Microsoft’s blog post seems more reassuring than GitHub on preserving the open platform. What do you think. Yay for GitHub or BSOD?

@heckflosse From the OP:

That’s what I took as the main point of the thread: is MS buying GitHub good for FOSS projects who are using GitHub. Money amounts in title (and my post above) were just contextual information. :blush:

Can we have an option to be cautiously ambivalent for now while we wait and see what, if any, changes MS implements? I’m not optimistic, but I’m toi deeply embedded in GitHub to go running for the hills without any real data about what changes are in store…

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I don’t trust Microsoft, I trust the GPL2 under which I’ve licensed my code. They could shut it down tomorrow, and I could just move to GitLab. Or, host it myself.

I’m going to wait and see what they do. They’re not the same company they were under Ballmer, so it will be interesting.

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I think it’ll just become an annoying Microsoft tie in. Use the whole MS stack or be annoyed at many rough edges.

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In French “supporter” also means “to bear with” :slight_smile:

Counter question from my side:

I mean many people wished github would have stayed independent … for this they would have needed more revenue. So …

Would you switch to a paid subscription for github to help, if they made it more public that they need this to stay independent?

That would be an instigator for me to self-host my repositories. I’m not principled, I’m just cheap… :smile:

You forget one key feature of services like github/gitlab … almost everyone will have an account and reduce the hurdle to contribute to your project. Be it with bug reports or pull requests.

Good point, but my perspective with rawproc to date hasn’t included a community component except as a basis for discussing how imaging things work, and this forum serves that purpose quite well. I may eventually change my mind, but right now I’m not seeing much appetite for a raw processor with sharp, dangerous edges…

Self-hosting has the appeal of discovery, for me. I did web development in a simpler era, and I relish opportunities to learn the current things, e.g., REST, webgl, etc…