Microsoft wants to buy GitHub for $2B ($7.5B, actually)



Ars Technica has an interesting point of view:

Also, someone remarked that GitLab is hosted on Azure. If that is true, there is just no escaping Microsoft’s bear hug :slight_smile:

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In case you missed it:



I bet M$ bought GitHub to improve their Office 365. Google Docs allowed for collaborative editing of docs for years now but M$ Office still sucks in that area.


Slashdot has voted:

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As if SourceForge has such a good track records…

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missing the blue screen

ms github til

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While not as bad as, say, Facebook acquiring Github, you know Microsoft will eventually shaft users if the shareholders demand it.

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Better MS than Adobe, Oracle or Apple…


… or Google.

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I’d go with TrumpHub. Make issue tracking great again.

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I’ve read somewhere that they also offer a protective wall for the hosted repositories…

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And Microsoft is going to pay for it.

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“When the FOSS is sending us their code, their not sending us their best. They’re not sending enterprise-ready software. They’re sending software with a lot of problems. They’re bringing bugs. They’re bringing trojans. They’re early alpha versions. And some, I assume, are good code.”

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This isn’t a bug. This is a fake issue…

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I think the whole thread is a fake issue.