Missing EXIF on export?

I’m running 2.10.14 on a PC. When I open a photo it contains a ton of metadata. Following a series of edits and an export, the volume of metadata is severely reduced (eliminating the data that would be shown on say: a camera discussion forum). I use another editor which also does this. My main reason for transitioning to GIMP was to preserve this metadata for subsequent sharing. Any ideas?


What ate your Preference settings? https://docs.gimp.org/2.10/en/gimp-introduction-whats-new-metadata.html

Thanks Mica! My preferences seem to be correct. In playing some more I’m wondering if scale might have something to do with the loss? Things seem fine until I scale.

Like scale the image size? That doesn’t seem right.

Hi Mica,
As a novice GIMP user I’m stumbling but after fiddling with things I’ve figured out how to do what I wanted with fewer steps and which preserves the metadata. - Gary

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I happen to experience the same problem: camera and lens data are gone since December 2019

Stefan - does this happen with all opened images? Do you have your PREFERENCES sorted out? Does this happen after a particular sequence of operations ending with an EXPORT. As I was muddling around earlier I found that I could get where I needed to be by using a more direct set of steps and then my EXIF data was there on EXPORT as well as complete.

Can you detail your previous and current workflow? Sounds like a bug we should report.

My workflow hasn’t change a bit: I open my .NEF in darktable, edit and convert them, then export to TIF 16 bit, 2560 px on the long side into a special folder.
From there I open the photos with the Gimp, heal some skin problems or do some dodge & burn before exporting to .jpg

Since some day in December 2019 the camera and lens data are gone. This bug is consistent in the experimental and in the stable versions of darktable 3

Have you set up the metadata export in DT? Have you verified that the data is there in your tiff export?

December is a while ago… has your compute platform changed? New software? OS updates? Anything that might have overwritten what was stable in December?

yes, the metadata (my name as author and the license) are exported correctly, show up in the Gimp and finally in the photo’s exif, too, But all technical info (camera, lens, aperture, focal distance and such) are lost

not really - I am no distro-hopper (unchanged since 2007) and I tend to use computers up until they fall apart.

This was similar to what I was experiencing. I would open a photo and ALL the EXIF was there. I would perform a series of operations and export and only about 4 fields of EXIF would remain (when posted and viewed on a site where the EXIF would display if you moused over the photo). I subsequently altered the sequence and methods I was using (and as a beginner, these weren’t complex operations). I >THINK< my situation had to do with using an absolute scale via key-in v. scaling using a graphic handle (key-in preserved v. graphic deleted) however I didn’t attempt an exhaustive debug scenario. Here is the simple workflow: 1. open a photo 2. rectangular selection 3. crop to selection 4. scale 5. copy 6. create from clipboard 7. export (workflow from memory). At one point, I was using the graphic scale and was unable to figure out how to “get rid of” the area that remained after I scaled the image on the layer. Anyway, oddly enough this morning while trying to work through the workflow so I could describe it, I seem to have lost a bunch of tools from the upper/left tool pallet.

Tags (keywords) from darktable are visible in GIMP but when exported in GIMP the keywords are lost. My name as photographer are still there in EXIF.

Just to ne clear, I didn’t bring a raw file in through DT, I just opened a JPG and exported as a PNG. Does PNG carry EXIF?

Maybe that is (and was) my problem… Just followed same workflow and exported as JPG and the EXIF was there. (still don’t completely understand what was going on - but I’ll figure it out. This edit is primarily to edit a post, please ignore).

…also, I suspect that my suggestion that tools were missing stems from not realizing that the last used tool exposed is what displays - I was looking for the scale tool and it wasn’t showing in the tool pallet (but if I expanded that tool set - there it was and now it shows on top).

Appears png doesn’t support carrying EXIF metadata. My bad…