Missing lighttable and darkroom buttons when in darkroom

I am using darktable-2.7.0+2162_g60067f3d9-win64.exe. I think because I pressed a wrong shortcut key, the lighttable and darkroom buttons disappeared from the top, right corner of darkroom. In addition, whenever I open darkroom now, the side panels, the top panel, and the bottom panel do not appear, and I have to click on the arrowheads to make them appear.

I have a Windows 10 64 bit system.

When you press TAB all panels collapse to the side at the same time. Sounds like you pressed that key accidently. Try TAB again.

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Also 3.0 rc1 is available, I’d highly recommend updating.

I’ve just been following links on Darktable 2.7 (dev) Windows builds.

I don’t see 3.0 rc1 there; is there a site to go to with the builds?


Thank you. TAB did the trick.



Thanks, Mica.