Moments we didn't have a camera or take the photo

Moments we didn’t have a camera or take the photo. I have plenty that I regret. I will share 3 stories of mine. I am also very camera shy; opposite of those who capture with reckless abandon. What about you?

I had two today and another I shared before.

A while back.

This morning, I should have taken a picture before returning the car. I only have one 2 hours later.

This afternoon, when I was walking Mr Shakes, I found a Chinese(?) man playing a very strange looking instrument. Looked like a gourd with a recorder on the other end. I heard the music from afar at the park not knowing where it was coming from. After circling the park, I found him behind the tennis courts and he was playing pentatonic music to his miniature dog. Gave him a thumbs up, thinking of how I could have shared the image with you all. But I had neither mobile phone nor camera with me. :sob:

All the time! In particular, any time I leave the city. One of the things I really enjoy capturing is rural decay, and I have almost none of it because when I head out into the country I’m normally on some mission or other.

the best camera is the camera you have with you.

so I always have my best camera with me. literally.

@afre, as a side note, I read your post in my mobile’s Tiny Tiny RSS app and it didn’t show the embedded blocks from older posts as in the site, so I read it as a single text.
It reminded me Altman’s Short Cuts style.
I liked that.

Frequent sunset or other weather scenarios when driving home from work. Like many corporate environments, unapproved cameras are banned (I have an IR-converted A6500 for viewing LiDAR beam patterns, and in my previous job I was one of a small handful of people approved to use a Canon 7D for documenting display blemishes, but a personal camera is a no-no), and I prefer not to degrade my camera batteries by leaving them in the hot or freezing cold car. (I once killed a DJI Phantom 2 battery in only a month or so by forgetting to discharge it and forgetting to pull it out of my car… So I’m careful about leaving Lithium batteries in the car now.)

A couple of weeks ago, there was a guest performer at a friend’s weekly concert series that I really wanted to get a shot of. I’d just been emptying out my SD card to my laptop - I had forgotten to move it back to the camera. :frowning:

Looked like a gourd with a recorder on the other end

Some form of bagpipes? AFAIK there are no “native” bagpipes East of India so he could have chosen that type just to please the dog.

That sucks. Feel sorry for you, man…

It was this

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iInteresting. Sounds more like a flute than like a reed instrument…