Moonrise over ocean

DT4.0.1. My vision, but struggling with the edit

  • texture in the moon
  • reflection similar brightness as the moon
  • sky darker than the water (?)
  • black and white

Not sure if I’m using the wrong modules or using the modules incorrectly. In the moon, I want more contrast. The border between the moon and sky is giving too much contrast (i.e. a hard edge). I sort of gave up on the water (exposure instead of tone equalizer?).
DSC08889.ARW (23.4 MB)

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Darktable 4.0.1

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Not exactly what you wish, but I wanted to bring some interest back to the foreground:

RT 5.8dev, commit 93aac4510
DSC08889.jpg.out.pp3 (13.8 KB)


RT dev. DSC08889.ARW.pp3 (25.1 KB)

To start with I tried to mask the moon to get more contrast - but I couldn’t get a good border between it and the sky. So I went with simple gradient instead, which I think works quite well. Using a couple of curves to add contrast too.

DSC08889.ARW.xmp (27.6 KB)
BTW, the thing that makes it for me is the two birds on the shoreline. Perfect!


Great photo, thanks for sharing!

My take with darktable master (release-4.1.0-1035-ge2a2817e3). Mostly multiple instances of tone equalizer with masks.
I could not get the sky darker than the ocean in a convincing way but I think the other requirements are met :).

DSC08889.ARW.xmp (12.4 KB)

Unfortunately, as always with very dark images, my browser (Vivaldi) doesn’t fully obey the colour profile and renders it too dark… On Firefox it seems to be correct, though.

I couldn’t get @123sg to render. it’s all black. Same in darkroom except that the thumbnail in the filmstrip at the bottom renders correctly. I flipped all the modules on/off and found that highlight reconstruction is causing the problem.

I’m using dt 4.0.1. Windows 10 22H2. OpenCL is on (Nvidia GTX 1660).

I couldn’t get @luator to load. I’m guessing that will solve itself when 4.1 is released?

module 'filmicrgb' version mismatch: 5 !=6

Sorry… that will be my fault. I’m using dt 4.1 i.e. the dev version, actually a week or two old nightly windows build, with the new highlight reconstruction and the new sigmoid module too. I would have used the new highlight reconstruction as it’s on by default, but there’s no clipping in your image, so you should be able to safely turn it off, or set it to any of the settings you have available. I think it should be fine when 4.2 is released in a month or two.

I’m not on my PC atm but I’m a bit worried I may have used sigmoid instead of filmic on that image too… sorry! I’ll do another version using 4.0 when I have time. Hopefully this evening :grinning:

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Ah, I didn’t think of this. Yes, I’m currently using the (unreleased) version of the master branch. This is probably causing the problem.
However, I was able to load the xmp in 4.0.1. I also got the filmic version mismatch error but I’m anyway not using filmic here and apart from some issue with lens correction everything looks good. Which version of darktable are you currently using?

Real nice color grade @Thomas_Do the color of the moonlight on the water is very cinematic.


Bit late… hopefully this sidecar (from dt 4.0) will work. The result isn’t quite the same, but similar.
DSC08889.ARW.xmp (27.5 KB)