Moving raw files from my Android phone an SSD

Would I be able to move raw DNG files from my Android phone to an SSD using Darktable just like I currently do with my card reader and memory card to the attached SSD?

Obviously I’d need a type C to type C cable but locating the raw files on the phone should be pretty easy right? I’m on a Linux (Pop! OS) laptop.

I think that should work, but I just send them to myself by email, then save from email to my PC.

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Thanks. I have a couple C type cables coming so I’ll give it a try.

Depends on if Darktable supports MTP, or only mass storage devices. Rapid Photo Downloader should work, however. Personally I just use Nextcloud to sync them.

Where they are, exactly, depends on the camera app you use.

Sorry, MTP? I’m trying to save a step or two. Doesn’t using Rapid Photo Developer or the cloud require two moves? One to the cloud or folder on your laptop and then an add to the library in DT? I want DT to create folders and rename files all in one go.

Media Transfer Protocol. There’s also Photo Transfer Protocol (PTP).

Modern Android devices don’t give full access to the filesystem over USB, instead only allowing access through MTP or PTP. This avoids a number of potential issues, but generally means programs need special support for it.

The Nextcloud Android client automatically uploads my photos to the server, which is synced with my PC. I then use RPD to rename and move them to my photo storage, which I manage with Digikam. I only use Darktable as a RAW editor (launched with --library :memory:) and have absolutely no idea how its library finds new files.

So, for me at least, it’s actually less work than if using USB.

I see the worst case scenario as having to copy phone files to a folder on computer and then having DT move them to a new location.

I use syncthing both on the laptop and the phone. Then Rapid Photo Downloader to organize them Rapid Photo Downloader and finally import in DT.

Benefit - sync is done automatically and once I move the photo on the disk it will be removed from the phone so no duplicates. RPD renames the files as I like and when they end up in DT I just have to process them, tag them etc.

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Great information. Thanks a lot!

Right. It looks like that’s the way I’ll go. Two moves.

@vbs I looked at Syncthing and it’s a bit intimidating but I’ll take a harder look as it might be the way to go. I wanted to do it all with DT but maybe it’s not practical.


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